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African Spirituality is Actually MONOTHEISTIC (Belief in One God1️⃣), not Polytheistic🔢.

Dec 2022 15
#WeAreOne #Monotheism #AfricanSpirituality The concept of Monotheism actually comes from Ancient African Beliefs. The concept of separation of creation came later, and is the greatest lie to cause division and confusion. Even the People of Kemet used icons and images such as The Ark of the Covenant, which would contradict what was stated of no graven images. IG: ➡️@Adunolatheoracle Website:➡️ LINKTREE of SERVICES: A faster and safe way to check out my educational material, and services: ➡️ Contact: ➡️For questions and inquiries, email us at guidesandgoals@gmail.com 🔇In order for me and Kay to answer you faster, please limit message to......

The Oldest Religion On Earth & Evolutionary Theory

Sep 2022 01
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