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Near Death Experience Documentary – commonalities of the experience

Jan 2024 30
This video explores the commonalities of the Near Death Experience and its possible implications and meanings for us while we reside on this planet. PLEASE SEE LINKS BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE AND FOR THE FULL INTERVIEWS FEATURED IN THIS DOCUMENTARY: NDERF: www.nderf.org/ Mel Van Dusen Presents: Charmain Redwood: Sock Footage: Lightening Footage (Pecos Hank): Free to use HD Stock Footage: Golden Hour Walk: B Slow Motion: INTERVIEW LINKS (COPY AND PASTE URLS): Dr Loyd Rudy Interview: Jeffrey Long M.D. Interview: Andrew Newberg M.D. Interview: Dr Pim Van Lommel Interview by Mel Van Dusen: Beverly Brodsky......