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Near Death Experience: I Died and Saw that we are in a SIMULATION!

Jan 2024 24
Please enjoy my interview with Molly McGee about her Near Death Experience and her sighting of the grid lines of the simulation we are living in. _______________________ WHERE TO FIND ME: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: CHECK OUT MY PAINTINGS: IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A GUEST: EMAIL FOR OTHER BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Melissa@lovecoveredlife.com _______________________ WHERE TO FIND MOLLY: PODCAST: _______________________ TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 00:54 - Molly's NDE Story 13:26 - Healing Process 17:38 - Entities from the Other Side 19:23 - The Purpose of the NDE 21:17 - Hallucinations vs. NDE 23:01 - Processing Spiritual Encounters 24:12 - The Matrix......