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The Druids – History, Philosophy, Religion (Full Documentary)

Apr 2023 20
Using ancient and medieval sources, alongside comparative analysis, the identity and beliefs of the druids take shape, from their organizational practices, to their philosophy and spiritual beliefs. All pronunciation attempts to follow Old Gaelic, not modern Irish or Scottish Gaelic pronunciations. Breithem, however, should have been pronounced with a stronger "v" or "w" sound at the end. "druid" in Old Gaelic, is "druí" singular and "druíd" plural. I do not cover this in the video, but perhaps of interest. Patreon Paypal Thanks to everyone who supports the channel source

Historical Facts African Spirituality Sun Of God

Apr 2023 09
#SONOFGODISTHESUNOFGOD Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization (BAIO) Social Network Please Subscribe To My Second Channel As Well Thank you: MY PATREON Thank You : LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE The show attempts to make assessments.To make critical analysis of what's happening in our society today from news, social issues, cultural issues politics societal issues, the goal is to open up one's mind. To give a critical analysis as to what's happening in our world today. To provide solutions and strategies. (Dark Matter consciousness) Produced in 2018 Source: Information Man Show YouTube Channel Subscribe Twitter: @Clinton06 Facebook Page: Instagram :......

The first religion: European Wild Man and the Horned God (Part 3)

Mar 2023 15
This video is the third and final in a series to focus on the history of the European Wild Man myth and the concept of the Horned God. Go back and watch Part 1 here: And Part 2 here: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO NEVER MISS A VIDEO. — My book ‘What Really Happened at Dyatlov Pass’ is out now: ‘Dark Secrets of Central Europe: A Tale of Three Cities’ is available here: All my books are available here: PLEASE LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE Support my work on Patreon from as little as $1 a month. Patreon: Follow me on Instagram: Follow......

African Pantheons and the Orishas: Crash Course World Mythology #11

Dec 2022 22
So, today we’re talking about African Pantheons. Now, you might say, that’s ridiculous. Africa isn’t a single place with a single pantheon, and we’d be fools to try and cover all that in an eleven minute video. You’d be right. Instead we’re going to focus on Yoruba religion from west Africa, and the Orishas that populate Yoruba stories. The many, many Orishas cover all aspects of life, and can be pretty specialized. We’re going to focus on a dozen or so. Crash Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at Thanks to the following Patrons......

The Egyptian myth of Isis and the seven scorpions – Alex Gendler

Nov 2022 01
Dive into the Egyptian myth of Isis, a powerful goddess protecting her son from her murderous brother with the help of seven scorpions. -- A woman in rags emerged from a swamp flanked by seven giant scorpions and approached a magnificent mansion to beg for food. But the mistress of the house took one look at her grimy clothes and unusual companions and slammed the door in her face. Little did the mistress know the woman was no ordinary beggar, but the most powerful goddess in Egypt. Alex Gendler details the myth of Isis. Lesson by Alex Gendler, directed by......

Religions in Africa before Islam | African Traditional Religion and Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity

Aug 2022 31
Learn about the religious situation on the African continent before the arrival of Islam. This is part of a series on how Islam spread to sub Saharan Africa. Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe. The contents of this video and researched and examined but if you had a problem with the video, or found something to be incorrect, please send me a message, rather than reporting it. If you want to contribute subtitles for this video: #Africa #History #Religion #Islam #Ethiopian source