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African Spirituality | Ancestors, bloodlines and blessings

Mar 2024 17
You can get my deck, the Wisdom of Natural Hair here: J'ai créer un jeu qui célèbre les cheveux naturels que vous trouverez ici: ++++++++++++++++++++++ My courses - Mes cours: Sacred Spaces: Everything your need to get started in evaluating, modifying and directing the energy in your space EN: Espace Sacré: Tous ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer à comprendre l'énergie qui se trouve chez vous FR: Sacred Cycle: 8 sessions to walk you through tools that will enable you to better understand your cycle EN: Cycle Sacré: 8 Sessions qui vont vous amener à redécouvrir votre cycle et......

African Spirituality: Learn “Functional Equivalents” To Understand Kemetic Symbolism

Mar 2024 12
Kemetic symbolism is often misunderstood because the framework of the symbolism is not known. Understanding functional equivalents will help you tap into your inner knowledge and wisdom when viewing the symbolism. This is simple teaching but advanced beyond most understanding of the symbolism. The class is open for signups. Click the link below to get information and to register. Books on Channel is amazon affiliate link, please support the channel covers may differ because of editions Blacked Out Through White Wash The Pagan Christ Ancient Egypt light of the world Beyond Belief Who is this king of glory Sacred Science......