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African Spirituality: Civilization Before Christianity

Apr 2023 04
Africa was developing spiritual-scientific knowledge long before conventional Egyptology wants to say. This video will give you some basic background knowledge from a Khemetologist perspective. Ancient Africans gave knowledge to the world! The class is open for signups. Click the link below to get information and to register. Books on Channel is amazon affiliate link, please support the channel covers may differ because of editions Blacked Out Through White Wash The Pagan Christ Ancient Egypt light of the world Beyond Belief Who is this king of glory Sacred Science Ancient Egypt Light of the World Egyptian Book of the dead......

Khemetic Centered Living African spirituality Q & A

Mar 2023 28
Are you new to Kemetic Science and African spirituality? This will be a time for you to join me and ask questions you may have about my video content. I truly enjoy diving deeper and going beyond the fluff so that you can gain practical knowledge and apply it to your life. If you are interested in taking this knowledge to the next level and apply it to change your life, go here "The African Mind Rewire" You live in a world that uses vibration and energy through technology every day! It's 2.0 level quantum knowledge. But you are stuck......

Christian Religion vs Kemetic Spirituality?

Feb 2023 23
Ancient Pre-historic Egypt a.k.a. Kemet is where Christianity got all of its doctrines and so-called revelations. The culture that connected Christianity and Egypt were the Greeks. This video is beginner-friendly African spirituality and will help you understand some basic differences between the original teachings and what became Christianity. The class is open for signups. Click the link below to get information and to register. "The African Mind Rewire" You can purchase the books referenced in the video below please support my work by purchasing through my affiliate link if you decide to buy the books. Thank you! Sacred Science book......

Africa Before Religion w/ L M Dumizulu | 5min Q&A Series

Nov 2022 25
In the first of the 5min Q&A series, powerful author, teacher, historian and scholar on African spirituality, L M Dumizulu offers an insight into beliefs systems in Africa prior to the introduction of any Abrahamic religions. Esoteric Thoughts contact details Email : esotericthoughts3@gmail.com Facebook : IG : Twitter : YouTube : #esotericthoughts #lmdumizulu #dumizulu #khamithethics #bible #theology #christianity #abrahamicreligions #kemet #freedomfromreligion #africa #africanspirituality #history #africanhistory #paganism #pagan #egypt #kemeticknowledge #judaism #ancestorworship Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share the content to let the truth be told. source