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Satan's Generals: John G. Lake

Jun 2024 03
Among all the men and women responsible for spreading Pentecostalism worldwide, few were as successful and well-respected as American evangelist John G. Lake. Lake was the organizer and leader of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM), which played a crucial role in converting a large number of people in South Africa. Using the AFM as a platform, Lake also propagated the Zionist doctrines of Illinois cult leader John Alexander Dowie. In 1992, Pentecostal historian Allan Anderson suggested that nearly half of Southern African Christians were adherents of Lake's Pentecostal and Zionist beliefs. Lake was apparently baptized in the Holy Spirit, according......

I ramble about religions, cults, and mythologies for 7 minutes and 40 seconds

Apr 2024 23
Don't forget to subscribe and leave a like. If you have any more to add, want to correct me, or leave what you thought comment below. Other people have already made their own attempts at the whole religion vs mythology debate but I thought I'd throw my opinions into the ring. Don't worry though I brought up my own point of view to add to the discussion rather than just regurgitate what others have said. This was more of a thought exercise video so there are no sources to cite as this is video is mostly just me talking for......