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The Pregnant Doc Telling the Truth About COVID-19 | Informer

May 2024 25
“There have been a lot of errors in the pandemic and it’s cost human lives.” As the coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the population, hospitals became overrun with patients. The lack of personal protective equipment meant that doctors, nurses and other staff risked their lives in order to save others. A doctor, who was pregnant during the pandemic, explains the chaos within the NHS, why she was forced to quit and how it was covered up. Informer is a series where we hear the anonymised confessions and insights of people on the inside of different industries, institutions and events. Click here......

Elisabeth Taylor Near Death Experience

Apr 2024 21
I wrote a story about the cross called The Lord's Love to read it just go to I just thought this was very Inspiring from Elisabeth Taylor.... For anyone whose lost someone, I hope you find comfort in this. May her soul RIP with him now..... source

A Doctor’s Fascinating Investigation of Near-Death Experiences (ft. Dr. Michael Sabom)

Apr 2024 06
As a critical cardiologist, Dr. Michael Sabom first thought near-death experiences were "hogwash." After designing and implementing the first scientific study of NDE's in the 1970s, he was stunned at what he found. In this interview, Dr. Sabom discloses his surprising findings and discusses how the professional field of NDEs has radically changed since its inception in the 1970s. WATCH : "After Death" ( READ: Light and Death: One Doctor's Fascinating Account of Near-Death Experiences ( *Get a MASTERS IN APOLOGETICS or SCIENCE AND RELIGION at BIOLA ( *USE Discount Code [SMDCERTDISC] for $100 off the BIOLA APOLOGETICS CERTIFICATE program......

Proto Religion: Superstition around 1 million years ago, to Pre-Animism & then Animism Religion

Mar 2024 31
Proto Religion: Superstition around 1 million years ago, to Pre-Animism 300,000 years ago, & then Animism Religion 100,000 years ago: I am an: Atheist-Humanist Philosopher & Pre-Historical Writer/Researcher at damien.marie.athope.com My book is a journey from the first Superstition (at least 300,000 years ago) to Religion (after 4,000 years ago): “The Tree of Lies and its Hidden Roots” (my book I am still rewriting to publish): My book's full name: “The Tree of Lies and its Hidden Roots, Exposing The Evolution of Religion and Removing the Rationale of Faith." Superstition to Religion “The Tree of Lies and its Hidden Roots”......

Sean Evans Reveals Near Death Experience While Filming Hot Ones

Feb 2024 14
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Near-Death Experiences Point to God and Heaven (35+ Year Expert)

Jan 2024 18
For decades, John Burke has been studying accounts of survivors brought back from near death who lived to tell of both heavenly and hellish experiences. There are common experiences shared by thousands of survivors whether they are doctors, college professors, bank presidents, people of all ages and cultures, and even blind people--point to the exhilarating picture of Heaven promised in the Bible. READ: Imagine the God of Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Revelation, and the Love You’ve Always Wanted, by John Burke ( *Get a MASTERS IN APOLOGETICS or SCIENCE AND RELIGION at BIOLA ( *USE Discount Code [SMDCERTDISC] for $100......

Ken Hamlin Recounts Surreal Near Death Experience at a Seattle Nightclub & Missing Super Bowl XL

Apr 2023 06
Watch Part 4 of Fanatics View's Exclusive Sit-Down With Ken Hamlin (Hall of Fame Safety for Arkansas Razorbacks & NFL Player for Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys & Baltimore Ravens). In This Clip, Ken Hamlin Recounts Near Death Experience at Seattle Nightclub & Missing Super Bowl XL in 2006 Don’t forget to Subscribe to Fanatics View on YouTube for more exclusive sports content: #KenHamlin #SeattleSeahawks #Seahawks Fanatics View’s other sports channels can be subscribed to here as well Basketball Channel: Boxing & MMA Channel: 4th & Inches - NFL & College Football Channel: Baseball Channel: Hockey Channel: Golf Channel: Dallas Mavericks......

Ashton Kutcher Gets Emotional Talking About His Twin Brother's Near Death Experience | PEOPLE

Feb 2023 18
Ashton Kutcher is getting candid about his own health struggles, as well as his experiences with his family's health scares. The Two and a Half Men actor, 44, sits down for his first interview with his twin brother Michael —who was born with cerebral palsy and had a heart transplant — on a premiere episode of Paramount Plus' The Checkup With Dr. David Agus. Subscribe to People ►► #AshtonKutcher #PEOPLE Catch up on the latest celebrity news, top stories and more: PEOPLE goes behind-the-scenes with our cover stars for exclusive stories and in-depth interviews: PEOPLE goes in-depth with your favorite......

Brit Marling of Netflix's 'The OA' had a Near Death Experience at Goldman Sachs

Oct 2022 23
Brit Marling was on the path to a safe and secure life with a steady job at Goldman Sachs promising an enviable salary and a predictable future, but there was one problem. She felt like she was dying inside. Want more Off Camera? Watch full episodes on Netflix: The Off Camera Show is the YouTube channel for Off Camera with Sam Jones. Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: For full Off Camera episodes, visit Get Social With Us: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Instagram: On YouTube: Follow Sam Jones on Twitter: source

Big Wave Surfer Greg Long on his Near-Death Experience: Sitdowns

Oct 2022 21
Subscribe to VICE Sports here: Greg Long is one of the best big wave surfers in the world, but two years ago, he suffered a "non-fatal drowning" while surfing the infamous Cortes Bank. The archival footage of Long's rescue team bringing him back to life is harrowing enough on its own, but beating death wasn't Long's last battle. With two years of recovery and personal struggles behind him, Long reflects on his near-death experience and getting back in the ocean to mount an inspiring comeback. Check out our interview with Kelly Slater: Watch "Surfing Peru with Balaram Stack" - Check......