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Near-Death Experiences (NDE) : Investigating an enigma (full documentary)

Oct 2022 13
🔔 Suscribe to our YouTube channel Near-Death Experiences (NDE) : Investigating an enigma As you know, at Temps Présent we keep our feet firmly on the ground and we are at ease with confronting facts and reality. This is why it was not easy for us to make the reportage we are showing you tonight. It’s about life and death, conscience and unconscious. The stories you will hear will disturb you, like they disturbed us. The people who are telling the stories actually lived them and are called “experiencers”. There are hundreds of thousands of them across the world, and......

Dr. Heather Ross and her near-death experience

Oct 2022 07
This is the story of how a near-death experience in 2006 brought Dr. Heather Ross even closer to her patients at UHN's Toronto General Hospital. Dr. Ross is Director of the Heart Transplant Program and Director of the Ted Rogers Centre of Excellence in Heart Function at TGH. In 2006 she created the 'Test Your Limits' fundraising/awareness campaign, and nearly died on her first journey. source