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Apr 2023 23
The Igbo African Spirits digital art by SIRIUS UGO ART. An in-depth curation of specific venerated Igbo African Gods and Goddesses that have been hitherto obscure. The arts showcases various Igbo creation accounts and gives a very clear view of Igbo alchemy, astronomy, physics, astrology, mathematics, health, and divination. This work is dedicated to all Igbo people, anyone that practice African spirituality, and the entire universe and its people. Ancient Igbo Renaissance Art, Based On The Magnum Opus Of SIRIUS UGO ART, Featuring Various Gods And Goddesses Of The Igbo Cosmology and Cosmogony. NNECHUKWU, NNEMCHUKWU, ELE, AMADIOHA, ALA, IKENGA, AHA......

Historical Facts African Spirituality Sun Of God

Apr 2023 09
#SONOFGODISTHESUNOFGOD Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization (BAIO) Social Network Please Subscribe To My Second Channel As Well Thank you: MY PATREON Thank You : LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE The show attempts to make assessments.To make critical analysis of what's happening in our society today from news, social issues, cultural issues politics societal issues, the goal is to open up one's mind. To give a critical analysis as to what's happening in our world today. To provide solutions and strategies. (Dark Matter consciousness) Produced in 2018 Source: Information Man Show YouTube Channel Subscribe Twitter: @Clinton06 Facebook Page: Instagram :......

How to Connect with Spirits: Ancestor Altar Spirit Guides

Feb 2023 23
Here is How to build an Altar for your very own Ancestors and Spirit Guides👼🏽🧞‍♀️This is how you can begin to build a relationship and get to know them! Your Ancestors will Guide you, give you clarity and show you how to Awaken and become “Player 1” in this Crazy Life 😉🙏🏽Make your Sacred “Game Piece” today! Go on, Get Creative 🤩💜✨ ✨MamaGoddess Intuitive Soul Healing💜✨ To Check out my Business page: Https://www.facebook.com/1mamaGoddess1 Book A Reading: Instagram: 1mamaGoddess1 #altar #ancestors #angels #spiritguides #spirits #candles #readings #intuitive #tarot #oracle #Gods #Goddess #psychic #empath #crystals #magic #herbs #oils #blackgirlmagic #guidance #clarity #love......

African Pantheons and the Orishas: Crash Course World Mythology #11

Dec 2022 22
So, today we’re talking about African Pantheons. Now, you might say, that’s ridiculous. Africa isn’t a single place with a single pantheon, and we’d be fools to try and cover all that in an eleven minute video. You’d be right. Instead we’re going to focus on Yoruba religion from west Africa, and the Orishas that populate Yoruba stories. The many, many Orishas cover all aspects of life, and can be pretty specialized. We’re going to focus on a dozen or so. Crash Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at Thanks to the following Patrons......

Inside America's last whites-only church

Sep 2022 21
In rural Minnesota, a fringe Heathen group known as the Asatru Folk Assembly has purchased a local church – and membership is strictly whites-only. Subscribe to The Guardian on YouTube ► They worship Nordic, pre-Christian gods and they call themselves a 'folk religion' that only accepts those with northern European ancestry. Their racially exclusive ideology is protected by the first amendment. Amudalat Ajasa visits the church to understand how it is gaining influence across the country and to meet the anti-racist Heathens fighting back to reclaim their religion The Guardian publishes independent journalism, made possible by supporters. Contribute to The Guardian......

Africa: Paper gods (full documentary)

Sep 2022 10
African people are deeply religious. There are few things in their lives outside the realm of the sacrity. However, it is not easy to find an orthodox idea of God. Muslims, Christians and animists...three different looks between man and divinity, so mixed that it is difficult to find cults that are not influenced between each other. In Africa...gods, spirits and fetishes are accommodated to the whims of man. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE here for more amazing docs!: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: source

Traditional Religious Beliefs Versus Christianity and Islam

Sep 2022 03
The intensity of Spirituality is a very sensitive issue and some people have experienced dual deity. Our ancestors were very spiritual beings who believed there was one "SUPER NATURAL" being/God who was too superior to relate with human beings directly but he answered prayers through spiritual mediators which was why they went through mediators. These Mediators were once human beings that showed great prowess while alive for instance the great warriors, wise men who gave great counsel, great hunters among others therefore when they passed away, their spirits were believed to be able to communicate with the great creator and......