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Testimony – Cults and Religious Bondage 4

May 2024 04
Been in a cult or always around them? Is religious bondage of one sort or another always been in your life? Manipulated easily because of your zeal to Love and serve the Lord? I will share my testimony on these very things in a series that has a happy ending... Freedom... with no pain, hurt or regrets.... PEACE. In my personal story... the root of my cult meanderings was a 'spirit of Bondage'... this I will go into later in the series.... but a very important note to take, because whether you were IN a cult, or you know someone......


Feb 2024 06
Here is another episode of NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES and close calls. This time a special episode with animals, climbing and sports. Comment down below what you think about these cases. I hope you enjoyed this video! (captured by gopro , camera) THANKS FOR WATCHING ❤Remember to hit subscribe!❤ 👍👍and please drop a LIKE!👍👍 =============================================== Credits: Outro-music: Music by Tobu (Song name -Dreams) ============================================== Thanks for all the love & support! CautioN Subscribe: (None of these images, music & video clips were created/owned by ME!!!) This video is purely a fan made production and i dont want to infringe copyright. DISCLAIMER:......