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From Christian School to SpaceX: The Evolution of Elon Musk’s Religious Beliefs.

May 2023 14
In this video, we explore the religious beliefs of Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur behind companies like SpaceX and Tesla. Despite growing up in a religious household and attending a Christian school in South Africa, Musk has described himself as not being religious and has shared his views on God and Jesus Christ. We'll take a closer look at his belief that God is a metaphor for the laws of physics, his respect for Jesus Christ as a teacher and philosopher, and his perspective on the purpose of life. We'll also compare his views to those of other tech leaders......

How can near-death experiences be explained? | DW Documentary

Mar 2023 25
Is paradise waiting for us in the afterlife? Some people who have had near-death experiences say they have glimpsed the afterlife. Medical experts doubt this, however, in the absence of any scientific explanations. Are near-death experiences authentic reports from the afterlife? Or a figment of the imagination? A bright light at the end of a tunnel, a short film of one's own life and indescribable feelings of happiness - this is how brain researcher Gerhard Roth describes his near-death experience. He is not alone: thousands of people have such experiences every year. What‘s behind these reports? Scientists are working intensively......