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Dr. Llaila Afrika: Conquer Your Challenges and Unlock Your Potential for Success #motivation

May 2023 14
Dr. Llaila Afrika is an inspirational leader and mentor who encourages individuals to take control of their lives and unlock their potential for success. He is a passionate advocate for personal growth and development, and his teachings are rooted in the belief that everyone has the power to overcome their challenges and reach their goals. With his guidance, you can learn to identify and address the obstacles that stand in your way, and develop the skills and strategies needed to achieve your dreams. Dr. Llaila Afrika FULL LINK: SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: @SHAWNVDIDIT TWITTER: @SHAWNVDIDIT SNAPCHAT: @SHAWNV609 FACEBOOK:@SHAWNVDIDIT TIKTOK: @SHAWNVDIDIT LINKTREE:......

7 CHAKRAS explained (PART 2) feat. crystals + Dr. Llaila Afrika wholistic chart | chakras reKNEW'd

Jan 2023 07
This is a guide for beginners on melanin clusters, music notes, letters, numbers, crystals, and more. This video was highly requested and the second video of a two part explanation of chakras. We also dive into Dr. Llaila Afrika's Wholistic Chart and explain each section in depth. If you haven't already done so, check out the first video (Chakras Explained Part 1) for a basic overview of each chakra and how balanced and unbalanced chakras affect us. Until we meet again, find yourself within. REFERENCES: Megan Fox on Conan: Holistic Self Diagnosis by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika: Crystals & How......

Dr. Llaila Afrika | Prostate Disease Cause And ***Cure*** – Dr. Afrika – Herbal Remedies

Dec 2022 11
#(347)903-9506 Dr. Llaila Afrika Clip of Prostate Disease the Cause and Cure Lecture by Dr. Llaila Afrika: Journey Back to Health can only be described as Excellent. Dr. Afrika is humorous, Loving and brutally honest when it comes to health and helping African People. Dr. Afrika has a way of teaching that will keep your attention and make you crave for more. This lecture here - Journey back to Health is no different. Dr. Afrika drops so many jewels in this class, and it's not only health-related. A True Master teacher. source