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I was blind but died and saw heaven – The near death experience of Vicki Umipeg Noratuk

Dec 2022 25
As part of our 'Reasons to Believe' talk series, we looked at some compelling near death experiences. Vicki was born blind and yet saw for the first time when she died, having been involved as a passenger in a car accident, and says she encountered Jesus in heaven. These are the words from first hand accounts of those involved, read by other people for this video. Check out the full series here at: www.freedomchurch.cc/series/reasons-to-believe source

Brit Marling of Netflix's 'The OA' had a Near Death Experience at Goldman Sachs

Oct 2022 23
Brit Marling was on the path to a safe and secure life with a steady job at Goldman Sachs promising an enviable salary and a predictable future, but there was one problem. She felt like she was dying inside. Want more Off Camera? Watch full episodes on Netflix: The Off Camera Show is the YouTube channel for Off Camera with Sam Jones. Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: For full Off Camera episodes, visit Get Social With Us: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Instagram: On YouTube: Follow Sam Jones on Twitter: source