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Is Christianity a ‘White Man’s Religion?’ w/ Vince Bantu

May 2023 13
Loving this?! SUBSCRIBE HERE! “The perception that Christianity is a ‘White man’s religion’ is the single greatest obstacle to the Gospel in the world.” -Vince Bantu Vince Bantu is an assistant professor of Church History and Black Church Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary and a director of the Meachum School of Haymanot, a seminary that offers education from Afrocentric and Biblical perspectives. In this episode of the Praise Hands Podcast, Vince explores the history of the global church and the struggle for modern people of color as they wrestle with the racialized stigmas of Christianity, discussing: - Christianity’s multicultural heritage......

Practical Spirituality and Black Majick with E.A. Koetting Part 1 of 6

Apr 2023 24
Practical Spirituality and Black Majick with E.A. Koetting Part 1 E.A. Koetting has spent the last fifteen years studying, practicing, and immersing himself in the spiritual arts, not restricted to any particular paradigm, but finding answers to the greatest questions in every faith and spiritual path, from the holy to the blasphemous, from the heights of the Vedas and the teachings of the Masters to the secret rituals of Black Magick. While gaining his own insights and knowledge into the mysteries of existence, E.A. is equally obsessed with sharing what he has learned, either through his books, seminars, and workshops,......

Is Religion failing African Millennials? How to deal with Church Hurt|Disappointed by Church Leaders

Apr 2023 24
Is Religion failing African Millennials? How to deal with Church Hurt|Disappointed by Church Leaders *** Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for weekly videos: 📒 Show Notes and Resources 📒 🔴🔴 MUST WATCH VIDEOS 🔴🔴 ➡️ EndSARS Protest in Nigeria Playlist - ➡️ Faith, Inner Peace and Christian Spirituality - 📕 Get your FREE EBOOK here - ➡️ Connect with Rev Matthew Daniel HERE : ➡️ Connect with Niyi Adereti HERE : 0:00 Introduction 3:09 Welcome Rev M A Daniel 6:00 Is Religion a scam? 7:45 Money might be the biggest problem with Religion today 12:40 sometimes people start well, become......

What’s the Difference between Religion & Spirituality??

Apr 2023 11
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY #MajaliwaMachinda There is a big difference between religion and spirituality – listen to me very carefully: Religion and Spirituality can be illustrated in this picture here… RELIGION – is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. Religion comes from the Latin word religare, which means to bind. Bind comes from Old English bindan meaning "to tie up with bonds" (literally and figuratively), also "to make captive; to cover with dressings and bandages" also Latin legio or Roman legion. • Religion therefore takes away everything that defines......

The crowds keep coming. God is here, Realms have been opened. Souls are led to Christ in multitudes

Apr 2023 04
2nd venue was too small to accommodate the saints, overflow everywhere into the streets The crowds keep coming, God is here, Realms have been opened. Souls have been led to Christ in multitudes India has entered into the dimension of Glory Evening session stay tuned WEST AFRICA AND NIGERIAN BANK DETAILS Perfect day saints in West Africa, Due to PayPal, and PayFast restrictions in West Africa, here are the official approved Bank details that you may use to give and partner with the ministry of The Bondservant of Christ. BANK: Zenith bank ACC NAME: Ikechukwu John Anosike ACC NUMBER: 1170020753......

Scholar Spotlight | Religion and Politics

Mar 2023 26
Religion and politics are some of the most polarizing topics in the U.S. Some people believe that congregations should stay out of politics, while others see political activism as a central part of their faith. Join Professor Fulton as he talks with Dr. Khari Brown about his new book Race and the Power of Sermons on American Politics. #scholarspotlight #religion #politics source