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Traditional Ndau Prayer

Dec 2022 09
I was interviewing a local traditional religious leader in one of the communities Care For Life (the NGO I work for) works in, and when I asked him about a specific ceremony he performed when Care For Life first came to the community, he offered to reinact it for me so I could see. I was totally taken aback, but also not about to pass him up on the offer. What the two men are doing here is praying to their ancestors to allow an organization led by whites to enter the community (especially poignant in this community, because under......

Inside Colombia's Temple of Lucifer

Dec 2022 09
Víctor Damián Rozo claims to be the very son of the devil and has built a temple in Colombia dedicated to worshiping Satan. More than ten years ago, Rozo renounced his Catholic religion to give his life to Lucifer, who he considers to be the only true god. Since then, his mission has been to recruit Luciferian parishioners, congregate them in his temple, and link their souls with the devil. On this episode of 'VICE INTL,' we traveled to Rozo's temple to be initiated in a bombastic ceremony of satanist purification. Click here to subscribe to VICE: Check out our......

Witness the Mysterious World of West African Voodoo

Sep 2022 04
Togo is a tiny nation in West Africa that contains the region’s largest Voodoo market. The ‘Marche des Fetches’ contains a cornucopia of Voodoo items including animals in various states of decay, shrunken leopard heads, dried owls, powdered chameleon and even human skulls. These are the ingredients used by voodoo priests to concoct the perfect cure to your ailment. Subscribe to Seeker VR ►►► Download the Discovery VR app! iTunes: Google Play: Follow Seeker on Facebook: Follow Seeker on Twitter: Follow Seeker on Snapchat: source