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Kemetic AFRICAN Spirituality | Ptah & Atum | Bible Similarities | The Feminine Alchemist

Jan 2023 29
Kemetic Spirituality | Ptah & Atum | Bible Similarities | African Spirituality More black women are leaving Christianity for African Spirituality. You may be experiencing a sense of confusion. Maybe you dont know where to start. Whether you should try Yoruba spiritual practices such as Ifa, Sanetria or Lukumi, etc. My goal is to assist you on your spiritual journey and finding your individual path. 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 Subscribe to this channel | ________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT LINKS ******************************************************** 4808 102721 feminine alchemist, spirituality for beginners, candles, herbs, divination, spirit guides, spiritual alignment, weekly forecast, tarot reading, oracle readings, personal tarot, astrology, birth chart......

black SPIRITUALITY : The Kemetic tree of life

Sep 2022 21
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