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How to Start an Ancestor Practice | My Personal Journey | Working With Ancestors |

Feb 2023 08
Todays talk is all about how you can easily start to work with your ancestors and bring them in to your spiritual or magickal practice. I share some of how I'm personally working with my ancestors and some tips for you to incorporate in your own work. This is a video for day 1 of #FallintoYourMagick 2019! Hosted by Sharron Basanti and myself. The prompt is: Your ancestors and you Instagram @CheriseWilliams.xo www.cherisewilliams.com The Goddess Life book on Amazon The Goddess Life podcast on all podcasting platforms source

Africa Before Religion w/ L M Dumizulu | 5min Q&A Series

Nov 2022 25
In the first of the 5min Q&A series, powerful author, teacher, historian and scholar on African spirituality, L M Dumizulu offers an insight into beliefs systems in Africa prior to the introduction of any Abrahamic religions. Esoteric Thoughts contact details Email : esotericthoughts3@gmail.com Facebook : IG : Twitter : YouTube : #esotericthoughts #lmdumizulu #dumizulu #khamithethics #bible #theology #christianity #abrahamicreligions #kemet #freedomfromreligion #africa #africanspirituality #history #africanhistory #paganism #pagan #egypt #kemeticknowledge #judaism #ancestorworship Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share the content to let the truth be told. source