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Testimony – Cults and Religious Bondage 4

May 2024 04
Been in a cult or always around them? Is religious bondage of one sort or another always been in your life? Manipulated easily because of your zeal to Love and serve the Lord? I will share my testimony on these very things in a series that has a happy ending... Freedom... with no pain, hurt or regrets.... PEACE. In my personal story... the root of my cult meanderings was a 'spirit of Bondage'... this I will go into later in the series.... but a very important note to take, because whether you were IN a cult, or you know someone......

“Near Death Experiences (NDEs)” of Narcissist, Borderline

Jan 2024 18
Narcissist is in a constant state of NDE, inhabits an inner landscape of internal objects, absent from reality. Borderline is in a constant state of NDE, absent from her inner world. The abused and traumatized child was not allowed to become (separate-individuate) and so remained in a state of suspended mental animation, dead inside (emptiness or empty schizoid core). Introjects represent significant figures the same way NDE patient meets up with deceased relatives. Borderline depersonalizes the same way an NDE patient hovers about her body and observes resuscitation attempts. Both hear voices the same way an NDE patient does. But......