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Suicide & near-death experiences – shocking visions that left souls changed forever. #catholic

Mar 2024 02

Full video –


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    Is life a courtroom or a classroom?

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    Catholicism is a CULT!!!

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    Proof please!

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    My kids father attempted suicide last November we lost him for a couple of minutes but he says Gods voice was like water and he felt overcome by an ocean of love , Christmas Eve of this year he successfully committed suicide he fought a tough battle with mental illness I know that God was merciful and will engulf him in the love he was looking for.

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    Where does it say this in the bible? Wouldn't it be very clear if you're saved that you would somehow lose your salvation? I feel like that's the point of Jesus' blood, the forgiveness of all your sins, isn't His blood powerful enough? And yeah, people see the same things because that's what we know and not everyone's vision fits without one religion or faith. We don't know what's going on. Its our brain releasing chemicals to prepare you, is it spiritual, or do both happen?

  7. #7

    Well, that scared me, and I've never contemplated suicide.

  8. #8

    God doesn't get offended by anything we do. God's love is unconditional no matter what we do. ❤

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    People just sit on their high horse and judge judge judge other people maybe we should be more sensitive to people who commit suicide instead of judging them, and saying where they’re gonna go after death because no one actually knows until you’re there

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    I can’t even articulate how unbelievably cruel it is to tell people their loved ones are burning in hell bc they committed suicide. Not only is it absolutely not possible for you to know that but it creates an unbearable constant anxiety that magnifies grief and forces them to see God as a horrible cruel legalistic tyrant whom they have to fear and obey or suffer for eternity. Such a profound and disturbing reaction triggered by someone making a weak interpretation based on limited knowledge and understanding. This whole idea is based on some simple minded puritanical fear based ideology that you have to be good all the time bc God could come at any minute and if you have any unconfessed sin you’ll burn in hell, and killing yourself is a sin. It’s not based on actual scripture or theology and so instead of just having the humility to say we don’t know, we come up with these ridiculous baseless assumptions that hurt people at the deepest levels. I think maybe you just want attention at the expense of anything or anyone else.

  11. #11

    Hell does not exist. Why would this person say such things? What's it based on?
    One thing's for sure she does seem angry about something. Certainly not somebody to listen to, certainly not for answers about the afterlife.

  12. #12

    If the body belongs to GOD, why does he leave it behind on earth to rot; and only takes the soul to the afterlife.

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    The Torah and the Bible don't address suicide. Anyway, how would anyone know hell is eternity unless they went to hell spent eternity there, came back from eternity and shared the news with nobody on the planet because after eternity the sun will be burnt out by then and everyone would be dead. I am a believer in God. Just please stop spreading vomit. If anything the woman in the video is being influenced by demons to spread fear.

    Think about it. What loving God holds a soul hostage in exchange for eternal salvation. Sounds like something the Devil would do.

  14. #14

    It is only a grave offense in some religions.

  15. #15

    Bullhsit. The woman speaking has abandonment/neglect issues and condemns the suicided accordingly. There is nothing after death. Thank god.

  16. #16

    I have heard all deaths are suicide

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    Our soul goes to God…our body is our own. Who do you think you are??? THE BIBLE SAYS NO SUCH THINGS. You are a disgrace, worry about yourself

  18. #18

    I wish I could read as fast as you do! Wow

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    And if god owns our body why does he live in the world that he has created … The god that you are talking about is not kind or even god he is a dictator and the whole system is totalitarian

  20. #20

    Many many suicide attempts are due to mental health issues… before Many suicide attempts the brain turns off the logical sites and that is what science say .. and they are all going to hell what kind off of justice and kindness is this … That is really really funny…

  21. #21

    i'm not about victim blaming. suicide is a serious decision that is never made lightly. GOD holds suicide victims close, and doesn't condemn them based on their debilitating&reality bending mental illness(es) and/or hellish situations that drive them to suicide.

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    Yes, my body, my choice, period!!!

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