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Spiritual Use Of Cat Eyes And Alligator Pepper For Your Protection And Favour

Mar 2023 23

Use Cat Eyes And Alligator Pepper To Protect Your Self Form Evil Eyes, And Attract Good Favour And Mercy In Your @AASTIKSpiritualSecrets


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    Which of your names? You were not specific about the names, local name, all the names given to you for sch or what? You know we Africana we have a lot of names, one they call you at home and one at sch. Or you can count all your names and use that number? Also is the for both seed or the alligator pepper or end rosary peas?

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    Nice one, keep it up.

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    Thanks 🙏. Please can I add honey to this soap. Please reply

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    God bless you because I saw this in my dream. Because alot of put confusion in spiritual work

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    You really try for sharing such spiritual secret with us for free, that means that you're not a greedy person, God bless you abundantly

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    Thanks for this, God bless you , I am new here… You suppose to give us exemple for us to know clearly whether it concerns ur first name only or surname included

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    Am new to your page and if I may ask what's that what that old woman give you to swallow?

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    Does it include your surname

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    Is the Number of the name the number of letters in your name?

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    How many times do I use it in a week or month. Thanks.

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    Please it is your full name or your first name

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