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Southern African Calendar breakdown with Mkhulu Nsingiza

Apr 2023 27

A breakdown of the ancient Kemet/Afrikan Royal Calendar, by the elder Mkhulu Nsingiza from Great Empire of Kemet Bonabakhulu Base Khemu.
0:00 Intro to the show
01:59 Intro to Mkhulu Nsingiza
03:33 Intro to the African Calendar (Umazisikazi)
12:44 Spring season breakdown
18:45 Summer season breakdown
24:55 Autumn season breakdown
34:14 Winter season breakdown
39:15 Lunar and solar cycle
41:58 Zodiac signs
43:15 Decon stars breakdown
45:18 Outro

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    I watched this video last year, but could not understand properly until today when I revisited the video and now I understand well

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    I am a libra, born on the 20th of October what's my real star sign in African calender?

  3. #3

    very interesting keep it up…

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    Great content, thank you for delivering this on your platform!

    I'm also based in the Northern hemisphere and trying to get my head around how the Inzalo yelanga calendar can make sense to me, does this mean that for example the corresponding month for this month (March) on this side of the globe would be aligned with September/Aries and that we should observe the practices of September instead?

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    How is this man the founder of the African calendar 😮Aibo

  6. #6

    Very informative I enjoyed the session and teachings 👏👏👏

  7. #7

    Yes! We are the parents of Humanity!

  8. #8

    Love that necklace… I need to get me a no other one… I want it 24k gold tho

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  10. #10

    He’s very full of wisdom of the ancestors. I need his wisdom more often in my lyfe

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    Ase for this video, so easy to understand. I was wondering because I live in the northern hemisphere in the Americas should I use this calendar according to how he explained to be in alignment with Afrikan spirituality or should I learn and follow the calendar in accordance to the hem I’m in. I don’t wanna follow the Europeon ways anymore. Ase

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    This is very insightful,but does this mean the zodiac elements also change?

  13. #13

    Tha power of my ancestors is good like it

  14. #14

    i think u can explain when exactly Christ was born.. 🙂

  15. #15

    Egyptian calendar is just Egyptian not a whole continent calendar. I never seen an Indian talking about Chinese calendar as a whole continent calendar😂

  16. #16

    all my life i thought my star sign was Aries, did not know the zodiac i read was for Nothern hemisphere. I was blown away when i read my star sign (I fall under Libra not Aries) traits 1000% accurate.

  17. #17

    I've watched a number of interviews with Mkhulu Nsingisa as well as some of his videos and I must say this is the best one so far. UMkhulu has a great deal of knowledge, however it's hardly ever so structured. This gave us a structured breakdown of the calendar. Thokoza 🙏

  18. #18

    One of my 2023 resolutions is to start using this calendar and you broke it down so well baba Siyabonga❤

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    Super insightful. Thank you

  20. #20

    Never fails. Never. Background noise. What is wrong with there people?

  21. #21

    Can someone write this down in the comments section

  22. #22

    Why our country it is not going back to original calendar so that our kids can not get so lost in the future.

  23. #23

    Love it it was very helpful. I’m working on the original Africans MAP to make sure that Africa in on the ORAGINAL spot it’s supposed to be ON. This is a GREAT GREAT TEACHER. I THANK HIM SO MUCH. Black Africans people need to wake up an. REBELS AFRICA the RIGHT WAY LISTED TO OUR SACRED ANCESTORS. BECAUSE WE ARE THE Creator THE MOTHER LAND Africa PERIOD

  24. #24

    I'm kinda sick of hearing about black this black that myself, when you lay off the BS racism may come to an end. Seems blacks love racism though, they sure do everything to create more of it

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    I have noted that Southern Africa is at the forefront when it comes to African spirituality and awakening

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    I tried to purchase the book and calendar from his website but it asked for a pep store number, I like in the U.K. so I don’t have the above number. I would like to know how to purchase the book and calendar. Thanks Angela.

  27. #27

    Seth/Satan is same

  28. #28

    The story of heru/horus/Jesus same story?

  29. #29

    We who are 4 degrees above the equator have dry and rainy season. How do we align with your explanation

  30. #30

    siyabonga kakhulu…shoutout to our host youre awersome

  31. #31

    this is african bible

  32. #32

    yes this percpective is what south africans must follow.

  33. #33

    This is the original worldwide calendar the whole world should be using not this fake Gregorian Neanderthal cave beasts made up lies

  34. #34

    everything in my life is starting to mAke sense.. i thought i was insane when i felt that something is incorrect with how im living . my years started on august, i did not know why i had told myself this but wow, im AFRICAN like that. Im Power.

  35. #35

    Happy new year 🎆 alkebula people

  36. #36

    I'm lost.. does the dates start on the 23rd or end on the 23rd?

  37. #37

    Power to the African calendar we suppose to be using it

  38. #38

    Thus was wonderful information! I don't know how to feel after hearing about this information.
    THANK YOU! 🙏

  39. #39

    Didn't it have 13 months?

  40. #40

    I'm completely blown away by this devine knowledge, so much wisdom.. . I know I'm on the right track 🙌People on my whatsapp were surprised when I posted happy new year on one August… I'm grateful to be led by iMboni uzwi lezwe🙏💙

  41. #41

    Ze solar calendar 12 day
    An lunar calendar 12 night
    Truth deeply rootz 🔥

  42. #42

    I have so much respect and love for Mkhulu.. a really warm person who communicates the sacred knowledge

  43. #43

    in older theology satan referred to a 'verb', le satan, the opposition … it was never a thing …it is only in later periods that christian theologists gave it a form people can relate to … also to boost peoples belief that they can conquer 'him' …. at a subliminal level, you cannot have a God who has already been made 'anthropomorphic' and a satan who is abstract … early theologians understood this very well … hence they brought satan to the same level…

  44. #44

    This does make sense my grand father born in 1920 – 2017 he always woke early at 4 am would be drinking tea and chatting now I understand the time he was using and the body biologically clock he would not consume any beverages after 6pm 🤔

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    Excellent 💯❤💛💚Many thanks 😊

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    Lovely information and really eye opening, I love it ❤️, Thanks to Mkhulu, I got to this channel by following him, great and informative channel 🙏🏽.

    Just trying to understand how one would then incorporate this knowledge into his daily life, and the calender does that so well for the months and seasons.

    All the energies mentioned, is there one that is superior to all? Like a supreme "God" like religion had me believe?

    Do I have to pray or phasa (phahla) to this energies? Or they are just there for guidance?

    How do I observe some of this significant dates mentioned here as an individual in my own corner?

    Am sure the book would uncover some of these questions…, But till I get mine, does anyone know?

  47. #47

    Amazing interview Rey, your command and understanding gave Mkhulu the right energy to Bounce off and unpack the Principles of the carlender.

    It’s so much clearer now, and it gives us time to learn and climatize to the season that we are currently in leading up to the new year.

    Big ups, and keep going.. road to 10 000 subscribers +

  48. #48

    Love and blessings. I am here to learn and share info as well.

    My question is, where did the idea that Kemet influenced Anahuac and Tahuantinsuyu (aka N&S america) come from.

    I would say that the origin of any influence would have occurred at least 40-80k years ago. Maybe longer.

    The reason I say this is because around that time is when it is said that people were migrating beyond Asia because temperatures were warm enough to travel..
    Ancient DNA of the “americas” shows that the first nations of these continents were isolated for a minimum of 25-60k years. Maybe longer.

    The current cosmology and philosophies of Anahuc and Tahuantinsuyu started being developed approximatly 10k years ago and the evidence for that is that that is when Corn was first cultivated in Central Mexcio/ Anahuac.
    Corn is a central item to Nahua philosophy, it was so important that the people, our ancestors, named themselves/us the Children of Corn.

    None of this exists in Kemet or Asia or anywhere in between.

    So whatever influence there was, it has to have taken place prior to 10k years ago and the most recent time it could have occurred is like i said approximately 40-80k years ago.

    The evidence i claim for that time is the Venus count found in Africa, some are 80k years old and others are 35k years old.
    There were only a few times the transfer was possible because of ice covering the northern hemisphere.
    And one of the only things that can be said to have been transferred. Besides the scientific view of creation, and not having a creator god to worship or pray to.

    Nahua philosophy claims that creation starts in the microcosm, and that none can know where it stems from, but we can see and name the forces of nature than make life in this universe/dimension possible. Those forces are not worshipped but they are recognized and personified as family members, again, not gods to be worshipped.
    There is also at the minimum 5k years worth of written history in Anahuac and at no time is any outsider influence mentioned, no instructions or directions or mention of the need for human sacrfifice is mentioned. Again, thats with 5k years worth of written communication.

    If you are using european interpretations of any culture to make claims, you will be lied to and so confused.

    Love and peace to my brothers and sisters in Kemet.
    Let us reason together 💪🏽✊🏽🙏🏽

  49. #49

    Woww thanks so much for thisǃ

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