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South Africa's Millionaire Preacher | Reggie Yates Extreme | Real Stories

Sep 2022 13

South Africa’s Millionaire Preacher | Reggie Yates Extreme | Real Stories

Reggie Yates concludes his travels around South African communities by spending a week with Prophet Mboro – a charismatic yet controversial church leader who is adored by his thousands of followers, and renowned as much for his dancing as he is for the `miracles’ he performs. Boasting a collection of expensive cars and wearing an array of jewelry, Mboro has emerged a millionaire from the boom in Pentecostal `mega-churches’. The former BBC Radio DJ asks if Mboro can possibly be a messenger from God and confronts some home truths when recalling the time he rejected the African Pentecostal faith.

From Reggie Yates’ Extreme South Africa: The Millionaire Preacher

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South Africa’s Millionaire Preacher | Reggie Yates Extreme | Real Stories


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    Same thing happening here in America

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    I just found about Reggie Yates and now I’m hooked on his content

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    Almighty God who made heaven and earth told me this man isn't preaching truth. He is a liar and of Satan. People want to hear the Word, they want to believe. This man is a heathen and is leading the precious people down the road to destruction, My Bible says, and I quote, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the gates of heaven." Wake up people. I have things to say about the rich preachers in these United States of America, but not here and not at this time. God be with you and your people.

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    Hi brother , i do the same, keep everyone in my prayers, i would like to tell you, not to listen to high preachers and so, as satan truly infiltrated and corupted everything! the sign 666 will be keping sunday , this is very true, the 4th comandnts , keep my sabats its reafering at saturday, that is gods day! youl here this everywere soon enough as it really is very late! im telling you now, cuz i see you love god, wich is what matters, and god has lost sheeps evwrywere! gods peopel wont be the jews, or the 7th day adventist, it will be those who after hearing gods truth and feel sorry fpor satans decive will fully repent,! il leaave you here some bible verses from the old and new testamnt were it states clearly the sabth day never changed, jesuses didnt abolished any laws he came to furfill them! Mathew28:1 , Marcus :16:1-2 , 16-9, Joan 20: 1,20:19, 1Corintians 16:1-2, and you can find the ten comandnts in exodus 20! but i sugest you to read ISIAS 55 and 56 there just four pages, it says pretyy clearly over there! so oure duty as chritians is to study gods word, and analyze if the teaching we here, corespond to gods words, and only if they fit, believing it! dont take any "truth" for granted, as i sayed, the biger the rank the boiger the coruption, in every church, not just yours or catolic, in mine to, so we have to live acording to the bible , not what oure preachers tell us, the worst is when it really has a good teaching base, things that are litteraly în the bible, but getting something out, or adding from themselves! thats why always pray before bible study, ask the holy spirt to reveal you gods words, and only care about what god says, no other authority! God bless you and youre loved ones!

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    Faith is mental illness.

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    Bring me her underwear? Touch your biscuit? I'd bet money this dude is sleeping with many of his congregation

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    That gold jacket actually looked good on him

  9. #9

    Reggie, you don't understand why he's upset coz you're a self righteous, rude and self proclaimed nothing!!!! What a smug!

  10. #10

    He is not a prophet,but a mafia ruler,servant of satan

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    Shame, feel sorry for the people who are deceived by these false prophets.

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    When sanella was with Reggie then in the living room he hits it off with her sister in the Jean jacket and she’s bullshit lmao

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    So very sad people want to believe in something so badly , they’ll even worship false prophets

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    Stop preaching and start donating

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    Shallow understanding of truth can be comprehended by seeking the Real Truth through pure interest to the Truth that you free….credentail that has the evidences by professors from recognise universities findings. Most are basically lazy to find the truth…..

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    They only flock there for money & prosperity jesus to bless them…not for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ because the real Jesus is not there. But Jesus is coming soon look up guys then they've got some explaining to do. 😬 Yikes

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    Now I know I chose right when I converted to Islam😊😘

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    Jesus the son of God NEVER acted like that man, I pitty his soul!

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    Similar to members of the Tory Party!

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    Oh thee of little faith…and absolutely, rightfully so…a full charlatan and straight scammer using Jesus's name for profit only… he'll get his comfort now…later he'll wish he'd taken The Word as if his life and soul was dependent on it… And it is…

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    The Bible’s says Beware of false prophets. “preacher selling hope “ that was a spectacle

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    Wow the flesh & the Spirit !they believe in the flesh.

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    Power and money is very dangerous.

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    Do you have any knowledge Woman…?…?..?.?.

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    Thank you for bringing this Dark World to Light .that is why they are in bondage . So the devil is greater than your God.

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    This pastor and ppl like him are the reason why many people are 👀👀about joining a church. Yikes! 😬

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    17:15 if looks could kill … 😭 the look on that woman’s face

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    There’s people starving awful

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    He is also very rude, judgemental and disrespectful. Some Black people too fool fool.

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    This is nothing but exploitation this man is deceiving thousands. Many churches today are using God's house as a market place. To this prophet I hope he is reading the bible carefully in regards to what He will do to false prophets.

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    As a South african, I really enjoy Reggie's South African documentaries. He has such a talent for speaking with people in such a respectful manner even if he disagrees with someone.

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    Look at his little @@@.

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    South Africa 🇿🇦. Home to the highest murder and GBV in the world.

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    What this so called prophet is doing is wrong. Just makes me sick watching this. A multi millionaire getting rich off his congregation. This is not true Christianity.

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