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South Africa| Freedom Day| Religion

Jan 2023 16

This coming week brings Freedom Day in South Africa. While this topic and day means many different things to different people, I wanted to spark conversation on something we hall are soo luck to have the freedom to choose. That is religion be spiritual practice. South Africa is a quite diverse place in many ways especially their religious s d cultural practices. I’d like to learn more about the rich history of the country and how those who are Christian honor their traditional roots and recognize Christian principles amongst them.

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    You've been gone for awhile

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    Aowa it's been a while now. We're asking for a content.

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    So Do You Guys Know Our National Anthem?

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    Been waiting for you guys. Been so quiet.
    Hope you are all still ok.

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    But guys this is not fair, we are waiting for content

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    This is a very interesting topic. You're an open minded Christian, and that's important in a country such as SA. Because when SA transitioned from apartheid, it seriously became a place where anyone can practice whatever religion they want. And therefore it's important that you learn as much as possible about your surroundings, and the different beliefs that exist here. And as you said, you don't have to practice, but it's definitely a smart idea to learn.

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    I'm a Christian as well but I'm more on the non doctrine side. As a child, I went to a Methodist church with my grandmother. What I don't understand with the Christian faith is that some people add and take away from the bible or they have their own beliefs of what a Christian should be yet they sin. Smh. 🤷🏾‍♂️. We sin mostly everyday even when we may not know it. I believe that we were put on this earth to live our life to the best of our ability, to help our fellow brother and sister, to love one another, to work, and to raise you family the same values. Most black Americans follow the Pentecostal doctrine. My mother goes to a Pentecostal, my stepfather goes to a Baptist church. They are married and go to different churches but that's what they prefer. I don't understand what people get from yelling and falling out in church. What do you perceive on what a Christian is? Do you agree with my statement?

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    She said Zed A not Zee A. Yeh…

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    The US has stated that South Africa is a no go area.

    What are your thoughts being in the country.

    Do you believe that the US is managing Covid better then SA?

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    Jesus Christ is Lord & my savior, the only mediator between me and my heavenly father,having the gift of the Holy ghost as my helper I'm set for life !! I do have ancestors, i acknowledge them but i will not worship them nor ask them for "light" or even do ancestral ceremonies, i believe that's idolatry, Christ and Christ alone is glorified in my life, forever. Some people mix the two and that's okay as long as it works for them. To each their own, no judgements at all. Shalom !!

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    I just wanted to say Jesus Christ was never ever white by the way you look beautiful mama.

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    Spirituality in South Africa is very broad and its a very delicate issue. As you say some of these practices are manipulative and malicious, their purpose is to control people and to scam them. It happens in both cultural beliefs such as ancestral beliefs as well as in Christianity. Have you heard about the so called '' Papas" prosperity Ministries? They are very prevalent in South Africa where people are manipulated into worshiping their pastors/bishops etc and they call them Papa. When you go into those churches they will milk you dry. Giving, sacrifices and seeding are the core of those churches however they are not done scriptutally. Taking time to understand someone's belief is very important however one needs to excercise wisdom and caution when approching such matters. I grew up in a certain chuch at home of which I cannot mention the name for the respect of the church and my parents who are still very much active members of the church however being a Christian now I do not believe in certain practises within that particular church. Spirituality is way too deep in South Africa and one needs to have an open mind in order to understand why people believe in what they believe without being biased nor falling victim into those kinds of scams. I can go on and on but this a huge topic.

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