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Signs you have Amanono Spirit (Part 3 of 3)

May 2024 14

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    Bookings can be done here:
    I do phone (whatsapp/direct calls international) or in-person consultations (UK).

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    Hello Gogo please do you do consultation over the Phone?

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    Thobela koko 🙏.I recently had a dream whereby i was taken to the water by a lot of women covered in njeti ancestoral cloth .They dipped me inside the water doing ululating ,i was so scared and even asked them not to put me in the river.After everything they gave me a pink njeti (not even sure if it exists )They then started dancing surrounding the fire at a big field .If you can please explain what it means .

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    Gogo ndicela ukubuza ungandihlola over the phone concerning lemimoya ?🙏🙏🙏

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    Please am Nigerian please can somebody explain what is amonono spirit. Tnk you all

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    Thobela Koko am a self initiating so one day at work I soow this two nyang gals there are twins I was the only person who was seeing those kids and they were happy playing and they greeted me pls help me what that does mean coz am asking my self what is happening

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    Thobela koko❤❤

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