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She Had A Life Review After Being Struck By Lightning | Near Death Experience | NDE

Jul 2023 31

Millions of people have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their stories. If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    Yes New Age didn’t help me for long either, but it took me ten years after my experience before I took up the bible.

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    Absolutely believe her. X

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    Hello, I thoroughly, love your channel! Lees voice is wonderful, I enjoy the way he reads the stories but, your voice is wonderful as well!!!! Thank you for your service work!❤ you should be doing voices for movies lol

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    I love her. She tells our story as she tells of her experience.

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    I've heard many NDE's but I've never heard being given a choice whether to return to your life/body or to stay in the presence of God. Every testimony I've heard plays out as the person wishes to stay in Heaven but they are told, 'its not your time' and you have to go back.

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    God is always with us; tell that to the family in Ukraine that just got their apartment bombed. Sorry I'm just so frustrated at what this God allows.

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    WOW I truly believe her I have 2 NDE EXPERIENCE one when I was a child around 5 & during the time right before the Harvey Storm I truly wish I could speak to someone about this experience

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    I believe your words thanks❤

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    Praying for Leigh. God bless all of you. 🙏❤☀️

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    Beautiful experience indeed. I don't believe by any means that you were cheated by coming back. It was your unconditional love for your mom that brought you back. That's what our heavenly father is unconditional love and love will always act first than anything else. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    So incredibly authentic and genuine!
    Thank you for sharing❤️🔥

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    I agree about the new age philosophy. I really like the self-empowerment aspects of it, but I've always found it disconcerting that people take God, the Universe, Creator, or Source out of it. Without that infusion of Divine LOVE, I feel like the doors are opened up for me to tap into all types of negative energy. I've always felt like this is where people get in trouble and start messing with the dark forces unintentionally. There are a lot of stories of people going from new age to organized religion for this very reason.

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    Thank you, Jen for pronouncing my name exactly the right way.
    My question for this NDE is what was meant by “suicide is not our choice to make.”? Logically, it is always our choice. Did she mean she was told suicide is a wrong choice to make?

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    That was so good! I would be begging to stay home 🙏♥️♥️♥️

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    Why would a nurse think a conference on death and dying is morbid? It’s a part of life and we should know what happens when a person is actively dying and how to support them and their loved ones, and keep them comfortable. Maybe because it was the 70s that subject wasn’t really talked about? But we’re trained to look for signs and what to expect

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    I believe she was with Jesus. I don't believe she was cheated. She made the decision. May GOD bless you all. I love you.

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    No one has all the answers. Good video. Thank you for that.

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    Lovely story. I love the story she talked about her relationship with our awesome Lord and savior Jesus Christ. ♥

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    Hi heaven awaits. I just wanted to say I agree completly with everything she has learned through her expierence. No I dont feel she was cheated through returning. She made that choice based on her own emotions concerning her mothers feelings. I'm glad she realized her need to move on into her relationship with God. She is a blessing and positive impact on the world around her. Blessings

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    I've learned so much from y'all I figured it's time I give back a little. Thank you for all your great work.

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    Is actually a Beyond Death Experience (BDE), but Moody made this seeming small but now decades later huge mistake of representation. Now, how can that mistake ever be corrected ??? The term near death experience (nde) is entirely a naturalistic definition and hugely incorrect. Surely Moody was learned of Descartes, Lock, Kant, James, and others of the need of applying correctness to the study of subjective phenomenon ???

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    Wonderful Story and beautiful narration from Jenny. Love❤ and Blessings to all who follow this channel.

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    Her statement about GOD; “ I don’t believe, I know!” Gave me major goosebumps! Thank You for your intense testimony of Our Real Home! Blessings to you All! Keep the Faith as it’s going to be all right!

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    Cheated NO , Blessed YES, she received a Second chance at doing the Lords work. Thank You Jen and Leigh! Each and every NDE is of its self a New experience. The all resonate with GODS love, message of LOVE!

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    Thank you Jen!!!

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    Another good one. No she made her choice known and God know our hearts

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    Blessed are those who get to visit the other side and remember 🙏❤✝ Gods beautiful mercy ✝✝✝ Jesus is the way✝✝✝ All glory to God🙏❤✝

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    I remember not caring a bit that my body was laying on the ground. I totally believe her. She had a wonderful NDE. Thanks Jen☺

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    Earth is the anvil. Father God is the hammer. We are Heated and shaped. Until we become something useful.
    Some are shaped into pruning hooks for the harvest. Some are shaped into nails to do nothing more than hold Something into place for a lifetime. Others are fashioned into shields and swords to defend against the dark forces. Each creation supports the other. And are equally honorable.

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