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Scientists Put a Camera in a Coffin for Research Purposes. When They Turned it on, They Screamed!

Feb 2024 17

Vincent came from a wealthy family. His father was a real estate guru who also loved to collect ancient artifacts that were worth a lot of money on the black market. His mother was one of the top surgeons in the country. Despite having everything he needed, Vincent lived an upright life and he played his part in making the world a better, safer, and happy place. Vincent was greatly loved by everyone in the small town where he lived. So when he died, the whole community was thrown into disarray. Scientists later installed a camera in his coffin for research purposes. When they checked the camera footage, they were beyond shocked! Watch: Scientist Installed Camera in a Coffin for Research Purposes. When They Turned it on, They Screamed!


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    Wouldn't it be unlikely that there was enough oxygen in that coffin to survive long enough to be dug up? Especially since they waited till 7PM to look at the camera before exhumation took place. Also take into consideration that the man was panicking and using building up even more carbon dioxide faster.

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    Things people will do for views…great story bro👏. U almost made me believe it

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    Im guessing he also survived the embalming before he was buried.

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    Life is stanger than fiction. I'm glad she was punished.

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    To have any type of viewing or funeral service the person must be, by law embalmed. Not one documented case ever, has anyone survived embalming. They don't just set a person in a casket and say, "there ya go". If so they are probably in prison and not in business anymore

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    Who believes this bs?????

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    NOT TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!! He would have suffocated in a few minutes. LIARS

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    Lies what a silly if you believed this then you will believe anything

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    Bloody hell what a waste of my time the voice-over is droning on and on forever just jump to the end

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    Stupid stuff but they achieved their objective though, views.

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    Warning: Pompous bullshit.

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    Joke! You are a fake

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    Do its on camera, but we can see the release.
    Its not on camera, its on story.

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    Crappy Story ends when stepbro and stepsis made a porn movie😂 bukake lives!🫡

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    Waste of time

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    Is this an advert for cremation?

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    hier schijnt de zon

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    Very amateurish story. I won't be watching any more of your stories.

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    Why all good people died

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    I think this was a child trying to get attention, this story is really stupid

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    This is possible, I remember when my mother use to tell me about what my great great grandmother use to tell her when she was a little girl. She said her grand mother said never let them bury her because she would have spells were she would pass out and not come too for days and she is not dead but very much alive. But just watch over her body so they wouldn't bury her alive and my mother said she would wake up in a few days like she said. So I would say it's possible.

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    you wont believe what happened, it's unbelievable, let me tell you, it's crazy. After blah blah and some blah they couldn't believe it either, and after some long life story that is boring and some more blah blah, and entirely irrelevant things, and some clearly blah fictitious story, I realised this video is simply BS and the writer and uploader should be banned from the internet.

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    The last name was never mentioned for a reason. It never happened. In modern society no one can be declared dead and then buried. Also the fake documents about a heart condition would have been disproven, we have databases now.

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    That's nice now tell me a cowboy story

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    Did they play the “Thousand Years” song? Christina Perri?

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    What a waste of time. Remember youtube add highlights that sound amazing to get the more clicks

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    What is really entertaining is the comments made here. Much more entertaining than the story. Of course the purpose is for "Narrative" to generate YouTube revenue. I will not be subscribing. As in the Adam Sadler movie Billy Madison, I am dumber for having heard this story.

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    It is standard practice for a mortician to take the pulse of the deceased to prevent such a thing happening before they embalmed them.

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    Totally BS.

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    Thank You so much to everyone before me who has commented and saved me from being cheated out of 9:02 minutes of my own life. Luckily for me I only managed to suffer as far as 1:56 into the video until I realised that as far as click bait goes this is up there with the best. Without wasting anymore of my time watching this content or even enquiring who might create such trash I would hazzard a guess its coming from some religious organisation trying to get me to also believe in something that they're not absolutely sure in ??

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    PS. The best comment should be pinned . It is by ericengelbrecht4064. "Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most." (Q.Uq.)

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    When you make up a bulshit story , imagine the things that are happening like Vincent suffocating before they can dig him up. Or Rita blocking a doorway with a cup of coffee (tequila (expensive tequila)) in a glass cup steadily in her hand until they charge her with a murder that has not happened yet although she thinks it has but they charge her with attempted murder instead so she knows he didn't die of her bungled attempt to tranquillize him even though she is his sister & could never do such a thing over a dirty artifact. But when she thought he was deceased she was all chill and thats no problem for a narcissist like Rita who only really wanted a newspaper from 2000 years ago instead of a living breathing loving brother who she could admire for his ……….

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    Why why why did the YouTube algorithm recommend this obviously fake, total bullshit story of a video?

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    Don’t waste 9 minutes of your life on this insanity of a story… story telling passed for a truth! Not good!

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    Don´t think a live person can survive in a sealed coffin especial if they wake up in a panic to get out, using up any air that was there.

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    Great story. Now can I have my 9 minutes back? What a steaming pile of horse shit! You want us to believe that the guy survived being embalmed? You owe me 9 minutes you lying bastards!

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    Where's the footage? No footage? Not worth watching 👎🏼👎🏼

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    No way is this a true story.

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    OMG WHAT A BULLSH*T STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    9 minutes of my life I'll never get back! 🤬🤬

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    So it's never two late for you ex wife then ?😅

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    They don't put people in the ground without emblaming the body

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    I’m going to send this video to my friend Papa Emeritus

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    Shame on the youtube algorithm. This is literal shit in video form

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