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Sail Life – Insulating the v-berth, part 7

May 2023 25

I finally get to test fit the mahogany slats for the ceiling aboard Obelix! Yay! 🙂 Looks pretty swanky if you ask me 😉 And it’ll keep me nice and warm once I move aboard the boat and finally become a full-time 🙂


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    Love the squeaky piglet toy!

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    Mas, I'm starting to add ceiling to my v-berth in my 50 year old trawler. I can't afford mahagony only mahogany stain. What other types of wood would you consider? And what deminisions do you cut the individual pieces? Please use inches as I'm not a metric kind of guy! Thanks! Any other suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    Save those pieces of trim for Athena…<grin>

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    Kind of late but after going through the Athena videos, I've stated these. Extra mahogany? Use two to replace the white strips used to mount you "disco" LED strips mounted on the side of the boat (if you haven't done so already). BTW, hopefully we will meet on your next NYC trip.

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    Indeed, Mads. The Martian was a fantastic book. The movie was mostly alright, too. 🙂

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    So… Mads… does yokel speak english or danish… is he/she bi-barkle?

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    I ve got a suggestion for your mahogany bend over and shove it up ya ARSE youre talking a load of uninteresting SHIT and when u re actually doing the job u re not saying what u re doing I ve now had to watch 7 videos until you even got started on any insulation WTF is it all about , who give a shit about ya shit machine and your house sale GET ON WITH THE JOB !!!!

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    The best way to mask holes in wood is to mix sawdust from that wood with a little bit of wood glue or epoxy.

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    What does your Chiropractor say about your radiating left leg / low back pain?

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    When I'm ready can you come over and do my math?

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    YES 😀 The Martian, and you're listening the audiobook, which is the best experience, so far, here's hoping that the movie does the book/audiobook justice.

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    Use the spare mahogany as trim for your curtains.

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    Thats a great book.  I hope he keeps writing.

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    Some of the left over mahog might do a good job of helping to conceal your new curtain hardware.  Just a thought.

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    hmm,,,you have a closed transom Mads-  that timber would make a great Marlin Board 🙂

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    The wood slats look wonderful, can't wait to see the finished project.

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    I love how this project of yours is coming along.  Thanks for sharing with us.  Suggestions for the extra mahogany: covering for the seats and sole in the cockpit, refinish the surface of the companionway hatch, possibly use it to trim the front of shelves, like in your small locker, to give it a lip or "fiddle" to prevent things from sliding off when underway or healed (yes, I know you already have the webbing door, but that may not stop small things from sliding off the shelf).  You could also consider making fiddles for your salon table and maybe kitchen counters (I don't remember if you have these already).  Anyway, keep the videos coming.  Love them.

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    Hello Mads, Mas, Mass, argg Mr Sail Life 🙂
    A thought for your extra wood, on the bulkhead you could put a magazine type rack for sailing  mags or folded chart etc. Just a thought.
    On another note regarding Audio books I am listing to Joshua Slocum, Sailing around the World in his boat single handed. although it was in the  late 1800's  I thought of you 🙂 when you see his picture you will understand. an excellent audio book.
    And as I said on that Other Canadians youtube channel, I most eagerly await your next video. Keep up the Great Vids. Although this is the first time I have made comment I have been following closely and have seen All of your vids. Big fan!! if a quiet one.

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    That's looking great, can't wait to see the v-berth when you're finished.

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    I always liked the idea of having recessed shelves in the vberth to make more use of the slanted hull space. You could even use the shorter slats they sent you.

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    just wanted to let you know i enjoy watching your vids, i consider myself technical and a good worker but i still learned a few things from you … thanks! for your hard work on those videos

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    Mads, this is starting to look really good and your videos are extremely helpfull. Im going through considerations if i refit the Vberth area with foambacked vinyl or if i do what you do. i was wondering if you could share with me where you bought the mahogany from?  (im danish, so it might make sense)

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    Have you noticed any improvements since you've put in the insulation?  I'm in the process of refitting my boat to live aboard, and might be taking this project on.

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    These videos are really well done, your editing work is amazing!

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    You could also use the spare mahogany to make a removable 'Laguna'-style table for the cockpit area. Thanks again for all of your detailed videos and take time off to rest your back — I definitely agree with those who have suggested some type of back support device !!!

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    Hay Mads,
    Is that great big orange pencil some kind of a Danish carpenters tool? Almost loks like a baseball bat.
    John H.
    S/V Soulmate

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    Nice work dude.

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    Try to get yourself a small elastic back support while working. The type of elastic back support you see employees that work in hardware stores or food markets using. Your back injury could get worse over time since your always doing boat improvements etc. Great job with the slats!

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    Looking good, thanks for sharing.  We have a pig for our 4 yorkies but they are scared of it, funny critters.

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    Make some mahogany Jenga sets (with Sail Life logos stamped or wood-burned in) for your favorite viewers and the one who made the suggestion!

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    You could make a mahogany deck box…. or a cutting-board/sink cover.
    Love the pig by the way. Fantastic toy.

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    Cover the shiny white acrylic deck-bolt-cover-strip-light, doo-hickeys.

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    keep it up mads and you will haved a c&c lol looks great!

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    Mahogany would make some nice looking curtain rails?

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    Mate. Have you asked if the company would buy the left over wood back? Really enjoy your videos btw. I was sailing in Denmark last month but had not seen your channel then. I fly back to NZ today too. Looking forward to following your progress.

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    Looks Great Mads !  Nice to watch a master craftsman at work 😉  I'm sure the mahogany slats will add a lot of value to the boat,  both in terms of enjoyment & resell value should you upgrade,  looking forward to the conclusion 🙂   Felix

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    Great book! Check out The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Loving your videos.

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