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Religion Has Destroyed Africa! Discussing Africas State And Psychology | Speakers Corner

Apr 2023 26

Speakers Corner 16th December 2017

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    The short guy is screaming is so ignorant and stupid. People like him are whats problem with Africa. If people were more civilised and rational like the guy with dreadlocks Africa be proggressive and rational. Everything he said is true, but the truth hurts. Wish the brother with dreadlocks was more assertive.

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    Wow ! Please Brother ! Stop wasting your time on this so so called " AFRICAN '' !! As an Afro-Caribbean i am ashamed of this brothers !! Those brothers are totally lost ! Most lost brothers from America inland and diaspora will not turned back to our real African culture, because so many are extremely enslaved and in a White nation like the UK, it's a chaos !!! And please brother ! Stop getting opinion from Non- African !!( Europeans ) !! Peace and wisdom !!

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    Mate shut up with your ignorant rant. The short man btw..

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    Islam is the worst thing that ever happened to Africa. Over 60 million Africans sold for over 1400 years. Europeans learned the slave trade from arabs. I blame the Africans (moors) who converted to islam for helping the arabs.

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    the fool saying my nigerian brother is racist is uneducated, have u ever seen white people worship a black god? so why is he racist for saying he will worship a god that looks like him?

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    How funny Muhammad laimin doesn’t even realise he has a Arab name the fool. That Africa gentlemen is correct Religion has destroyed Africa especially Islam!!!

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    What the brother said at the end is 100.

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    What an idiot. Confused Christian Nigerian …….Africa is rubbish because you are rubbish.

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    The brother with the locks is speaking the truth!

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    He's right. Africa needs to get rid of the religion that was introduced to them by the other races.Lamin is lost, he needs real education himself.

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    lamin speaks logic

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    He was not racist in any form

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    The question is who is supplying boo harm with money and weapons.

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    3:59 nothing i hate more than speak to people like jason, nothing gets through their thick head, they put everything out of context and scream "your ignorant go educate yourself " at you every ten seconds. THIER straw man argument GAME IS 100. LOOL

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    I believe that religion is destroying the world. Man walked on earth 2:8 million years ago. That’s 2:8 million years before the first known religion. Religions were invented by man to control the unruly masses. Man managed perfectly well without believing in fairy stories. One can believe in a god without the mind control of religion.

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    Look at the white dude trying to fit in

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    The man has points, yet lacks the ability to explain himself properly. I understand his sentiment.

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    that lamin of a person name sound like from my country Gambia is an idiot

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    every time Blackman want to be himself then he is racist but never want to talk about how we black come to contact with this religions

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