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Rastafari Rising: Dr. Llaila Africa part .4

Oct 2022 06

Negus Amlak interviews Dr. Llaila Africa.


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    That's why they will never understand god they fail to stand under his authority by removing the sword from there mouth like job did..

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    classic need to be updated and combined and rereleased

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    Greetings….where is part 5?

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    I was expecting this would work but I expected it to fail. I started feeling better and 2 weeks of consuming #DrSusanOduwa it has helped me to get rid of herpes. I had an HSV1 outbreak every month for seven years. I just wanted my life to end so I don't have to go through this anymore. Now it's like herpes never happened. I am so happy

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    herb , natural foods and god huh. This is how supposedly black "intellectuals" leads the gullible black race to no where. this solution is no solution and is ridiculous.

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    When one agrees with EVERYTHING an individual says, that means she or he is not thinking for themselves. I like Llaila Africa. I have absolutely no beef with him or what he says, but it's good to do a little research for myself. But he is the embodiment of truth.

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    llaila looks like lamar on revenge of the nerds.

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    where is part 5 please??

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    @YahzMangoTr3e I definitely agree with you brother, but that is the point of Prison lock a man up in a cage and treat him like an animal, dehumanize him…they don't want to rehabilitate men and women in prison there is too much money to be made…

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    where is part 5?

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    Nationalists want to destroy the white man, other Melanites say, "Get over it– were not from Africa" , others are trying to connect with past to move into the future, etc.

    There is some common ground. But how can we have self determination without knowledge of self.

    Rebirth of Gods– African Holistic Medicine

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    Purely synthetic: There is a science to this madness we face. Blacks around the world suffer from some type of psychological truama, and mind control. Our story must be talked about, and addressed with new ideas. We are not making excuses for our short comings, because we are our most productive of out people. However, we realize that when our people are suffering, then we are all suffering. Now thi is an African concept, and your Mutabaruka should have taught you that. Check!

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    He also said that blacks worship white culture, and here you are with a name blackmacguyver. You need to wake aswell.

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    I understand what he is saying now about Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X

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    i would love to understand what he is saying on the parts i didn't agree with. What was he saying.

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    pitbulld and puresynthesis if u dont understood what the teacher is saying why not ask questions isnstead of exclaiming in ur ignorance…

    the dr is very correct if u onderstand him..

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    Don't take everything he says as truth. Research on your own. Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X in my opinion help our people but he disagrees. I don't see how.

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    shockingly infromative, man this fills my head, im stuffed..!!

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