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Putin's Shocking Revelation: Black Image of Jesus in Museum

Apr 2024 19

In a shocking revelation, Putin unveils a black image of in a museum. Watch to see the surprising discovery that has sparked intrigue and controversy.
Putin’s Shocking Revelation: Black Image of in Museum


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    Jesus was a Jew. Read your Bibles.

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    I feel like its true but why do i feel like its jsut a tactic to get all of us dark skins to Be on his side its like a psychological game. Not tryna be racist or anything

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    Why does everyone still fight over race or color we all come for God regardless of color or background or which country or state etc that's not godly to act n b like that all r being tested

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    Jesus was a middle eastern not Black.

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    Adam was made out of brown sand ⌛ black sand is polluted

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    The White picture of Jesus is the son of the writer of The Holy Bible. His name is King James. The picture of his son.

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    I truly believe in the beginning there was no such population of white people.

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    Simon from Cyrene was the Blackman who helped Jesus,carry His Cross To Calvary.📖☝️✝️

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    Jesus Christ is not an other but the well-known Jew we have today. Let's not believe about the black Jesus Christ. If u do, than know that u hev perverted. It seems that, if certain people say that, the names of "colours" we know today are wrong. Bcos the oldest history reveals that, the colour we know as "black" was not known as "black but it was known as "White." We will still believe it.

    So, watch out of the believe u are yielding to.

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    Whoever believes that Jesus the Son of God to be black Man, i doubted it so much.

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    the sokalled christian docterine is a lle

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    Acts 17:29 King James Version 29 Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device.

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    IF color didn't matter WHY did they change it???????
    Russia is not the only country that has these artifacts….England, Italy Spain ,Greece America and others.
    They charged it to keep whtpeople in power, and other a subservient 😮400plus years are up.

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    the big matter is to repent your sins and to live the holy life, not otherwise myself I know Jesus Christ is my savior, only that

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    This because of a painting painted in the 1300's. What load of bs

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    Jesus was an Arabian Jew we were made in God's IMAGE the bible does not mention colour

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    Not only Jesus was black but just about everyone in the bible was also like Moses the apostles everyone who wrote the books Isiah Jeremiah Amos All of them.

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    So putin has been worshipping a white god to in his Orthodox Churchs but now he said he will be worshipping a black god does it mater what colour our lord is being frome Jerusalem he wasn't going to be white was he i talk and pray to our lord as i always have

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    Color doesnt matter if it did no racists will be going to.heaven

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    Another shocker.of the last.days. what will they think of next.coconut palms in heaven and fields of 🍉

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    Gen gennings said not to long ago that Jesus head was white with black feet and that didn't make sense. Now a white man says he's black now geno jump on board.

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    The Amazon River must be the Gihon River.
    It runs along the edge of the Guiana Shield which is one of three cratons of the South American plate.
    It's been called Guiana for tens of thousands of years and has the greatest biodiversity on Earth.
    Columbus and the theologians of his time believed South America to be the location of the Garden of Eden.

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    "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image."
    Does it really matter?
    Making these pictures is against the rules and could put us in hell!

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    JESUS was Israeli . Just like Israeli today. They are the descendants.of Israeli 2000 + yaears ago.
    In book song of songs .,Solomon was described as white .
    In book of Samuel ,David was described had reddish face.
    JESUS was descendant of David and Solomon.

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    Putin is the buckler of the Most High God. He is delivering truth and being used to take down the 4th beast kingdom from the bottomless pit (US/European nations).

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    If the color didn't matter so why did they removed the color?; Isaiah 53 v 2

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    What a huge shocker. 😂
    Bronze feet hair like wool.

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    Are prays wasn’t working because we keep praying to antichrist looking with people

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    American is pushing this agenda to discredit this event Entirely

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    How has Jesus ever helped Afrikans practically? Can anyone show evidence that is better than Afrikans taking care of themselves positively and cooperatively? There is not a single shred of evidence of any benefit from jesus or Allah or Yahweh or any other colonial garbage.

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