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Prophet Seer 1 Explains How Religion Has D€str○yed Africa | Do You Agree ?

May 2024 26

Prophet Seer 1 Explains How Religion Has D€str○yed Africa | Do You Agree ?


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    It's not religion that has deviled Africa as a whole but idolatry and ignorance

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    I have always said it that pastors are fraud, nothing like heaven or hell.

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    Kayabadabada who is this seer(1) pls someone should tell me his YouTube channel i want to subscribe oooo

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    Chilungamo chinakupakila SEER 1, you say the truth always

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    Brainwashed people 😂😂

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    Because they false prophets like u seer 1

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    Because they false prophets like u seer 1

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    its true what seer 1 is saying I conquer with him, we are brain washed

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    This is not a conversation about the bible .. This is pure political conversation 😂… And yes he is right on that note because the white man has done many bad things to Africa . But on the side of the Bible we must all know that the bible is the true word of God .

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    Real Talk, Bless you. I agree

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    Real Talk, Bless you. I agree

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    No comment this guy is genius

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    You're true Pan-Africanist ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

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    There's always two sides to a coin, get me very well. At times , truly there are few cases where relatives are the ones responsible for the misfortunes of people. Zed Jagaban 🤙

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    Congo is the largest copper producing country in Africa followed by Zambia

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    I 10000% agree with seer one on this one

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    Stop blaming the white and start doing things that will build africa. That same bible carries ever thing. Deer one as you call yourself. What concrete solution have you implimented?

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    There's no sense on what you are saying. You went to the same school with the white man. While are you doing the transformation. Did white man hold our expect from innovations? No

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    As a white man, I want to remind that it's a white people who brought a true gospel of Jesus the Christ to the African nation, oftentimes sacrificing their own lives 🙄 and see what black people did today to that pure gospel today? Obviously, there are good and bad people among whites as well as among blacks…. so it's better for us not to rely on our carnal feelings and emotions, and remember good things, not focusing on bad sides of the past. Better start changes from yourself rather than talking about others. Actions talk louder than words.

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    Religion, especially christianity is just an extension of white supremacy

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    He got a point I like him for telling the truth

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    This Man has a point

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    we want justice for baby Testimony whatever who says what!

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    Seer 1, religion and Christianity is not a black person 's problem. The problem is how the black person understands religion and Christianity. One or two greedy white men should be given the honor of destroying Christianity, no one has power to destroy Christianity. Christianity and technology are the best things that happened to humsnity.Give those white greedy time, they will destroying themselves But for the black prople we should have a correct mindset on religion and Christianity and spirituality. Please let no one blame God. Religion. Spirituality and Christianity. These wonderful tools made available for humanity to thrive in our journey of life. Blessings and peace

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    In the end I know Proff Ex you will weigh everything in and do what is right by sister Ruth. You always make the best decision for her. That is why it is driving Jeremiah out of his mind because he can only dance around sister Ruth.

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    Why is the Seer waiting for the white man to bring us development? He has that typical mentality so common in Africa. Sit and be waiting for the white man to develop your continent. Why can't the African man do his own development of the continent?

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    Proff Ex you are the best much love my brother God is with you always 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Religion is a like a politics Africa wake up

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    It is necessary to distinguish culture of different Peoples and the word of God in the Bible

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    The white man left Africa many years ago and you're still here blaming them.
    Reinhard Bonke was a missionary. He did not build industries in America or Germany.
    Christian Faith is not a religion. Christian faith is a relationship with Jesus and living the type of life that Jesus lived. You shall know them by their fruits, not by their words, dress, or denominations.
    Lastly, Africans need to move on and stop finger-pointing the white man.
    There are a lot of natural mineral resources in black African countries but they don't see them. The white man will come, search for it and buy it from them.
    If we continue to wait for the white man, then we are in for a long haul.
    Seer 1 is practicing his faith and making his own money, the same thing he accused the Whiteman of.

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    I know many would not wish to hear this truth

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    Point of correction, Nigeria is not à poor country, is the leaders that put Nigeria into poverty,

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    The problems of the black man is the black man in itself.

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    How do you want the white man to help your manufacturing company when you fought for your independence and drove away the white man from your country?

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    The Bible is the way to heaven 🙏. Not white man

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    Yeah I agree!!!! Religion is the biggest SCAM of all time, which gives con-men a Platform to legally SCAM people , And funny enough..The Philosophy of religion has always been death-oriented instead of being life-oriented 👉Which is bullshit 👎

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    After the noise use ur power an bring bb testimony out let's see

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    Proff ex I will like to call your attention to your post of 4th February 2022 on Seer1 where someone from USA called you to recount his experience of paying €1000 to Seer1 promising the caller a return of €100,000 miracle money, which never manifested! Please ask him about this next Friday when he comes on your platform. Are there other similar cases? We are desperate to get Testimony, but this certainly weighs against his credibility! It also calls for us to research into cases he quoted he influenced positively with his powers!

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    Best interview 🙌 👌 👏🏾 💪🏾 👍🏾 🙏🏾. Truth!!!! Religion is indeed the opium of most people

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    What is going on, this is an old video l guessed 😳

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    Good to listen to seer1 on a reasonable level, you are right there. The missionaries came to Africa with religions that had been coexisting within us and fooled us. When you wake up, and see the light then the truth will revealed itself. Most religions in Africa are remainants of the missionaries. They take from people and act God to people

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    The problem in Africa is we follow men of so called god. The bible is truth its the word of God. We have to work hard. I've never seen any person in the bible that didn't work, even Christ was a carpenter, Apostle Paul a tent maker, Luke was a Doctor, Others were fishermen. Bible is not the problem . Its because we don't practice God's word.

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    Proff Ex I'm agreeing with Seer 1 💯, but not his powers they are making me to be scared of him bcos he is not open about his powers,

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    The love of money, not money in itsef. Money answer All things

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    The bible says that true religion is taking care of widows and orphans, so this man's assertion that religion was created by men is a LIE. What men have done is to re-define religion to serve their own purposes

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