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Pronounced Dead for 20 Minutes – What He Saw and How it Changed His Life Forever

Jul 2023 18

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Scott Drummond shares his amazing experience of what he felt and saw when he was pronounced dead for 20 minutes. It is a very personal and tender moment in his life, a moment that drastically changed the rest of his life forever. He has decided to share this story now because of the events of the global pandemic, the corona virus / COVID-19. He hopes to help all of the people suffering and wondering about what will happen to them and their loved ones. 

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Thank you for watching and sharing, especially to those that have been impacted by COVID-19.

The Prioritize Your Life series highlights experiences from amazing people to inspire us all to live a better life. A life where we are focused on what truly matters. Let’s leave this world with no regrets.

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Pronounced Dead for 20 Minutes – What He Saw and How it Changed His Life Forever (Share with those impacted by COVID-19). Near Death Experience.


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    So he died during surgery, the nurse ran out saying ive killed him and the doctor just continued to repair his thumb? No attempt of resuscitation? Im confused.

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    Hey look another adverse reaction to anesthesia again ! Oh wait no this guy right here was chosen to tell us this story he is "special" and we are not

    News flash when I died for several minutes it was nothing more than blackness just like sleeping without a dream that night

    There is no fairytale world beyond this life only sleep forever blackness

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    Do not fear death… that sounds like You want everyone to die which means we would all be dead and then life would not be alive. I think i am going to try to avoid death still. Now call Me crazy ,but this gentlemen did not even bother to wear a tie for this interview and looks like a liar seeking attention.

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    Greetings from Saudi Arabia, My father passed away last month, I spent the 13 hours with him before he got moved to ICU, his lungs were filled with fluids, his heart pressure was dropping, he got rheumatoid and Kidney failure, he was 76.
    anyway, 2 very very weird stories has happened with me related to my father,

    the night before he got moved to a hospital, when he was Okay, I got this very vivid dream, where I was watching my self from a ceiling standing by a reception desk in very beautiful place, the panorama windows behind told me we either in a sky scrapper or a floating building since I can see clouds as the base and the bluest sky on top of it.

    I was asking myself where am I, and who is that receptionist do I know him? what am I doing here.

    Suddenly from a dark room my dad appeared as he just wore his white Thobe (traditional Saudi costume) and his sleeves are still untied, and he looked too young and handsome as I know him when he was in his 30's, I started asking him happily what happened!! how can you return this young, you look so handsome, dad you are seriously young I miss you. and that what I said.
    he was passing to other side with a smile of that room. and I woke up from there.

    next day dad went to the hospital and I called him, and he said come by I wanna see you ( I live 400 miles from him) so I went to see him and spent the day with him, a few hours later he passed away.

    Now! what is really WEIRD is, he was in my house 2.5 weeks before he pass away, visiting me and my kids suddenly, with no IM COMING TO SEE YOU, he just came to my house with his driver, even my mom didn't knew about him coming to where I live, he left his perfume on his pillow and the whole room for some time.
    on the 10th day of his death, I went to his room, the first 4 or 5 days I was crying like out of control crying, but I was okay finally,10 days after his death I went to have a smell of his belongings, so I closed my eyes hugged his pillow and I imagined I'm hugging him, I wanted to cry, my eyes started tearing, but I held my self straight and left the room, went to the living room making zero noises because my wife was sleeping on the couch, and before I reach the living room she screamed like if she had a nightmare, I asked her, what in the world is going on, are you Okay?

    she said, yeah, I just had a dream about your dad.

    I was like really? what happened why panicking

    she said he was laying on a hospital bed, and looked at me and Said, tell Suhaib (my name) don't cry.

    that moment sent shivers through my spine, and I told here I was in the far wing of the house where my dad spent the 2 weeks with us.
    and I told her I was about to cry when I held the pillow.

    I know its a long story, and probably not NDE related, but certainly, there's something or a dimension that we have no clue about, or at least that what I started to really believe in.

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    Amazing and Scott has such a peace beaming through..Beautiful !!

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    Wait a minute… the nurse ran out shouting that she killed you, and the doctor just kept stitching your thumb? You are dead and there's no CPR? Just stitching? I met this anomaly in other NDEs where people say they were above their body and watched the procedure keep going as usual like there's no dead body on the bed. In other NDEs they do describe CPR though. I'll appreciate if someone could please explain it to me

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    Not even sure how I came up on this video but I’m glad I did. My Mom passed away after a five year battle with dementia on September 21, 2022 at age 82. I watched her take her last breath and about 30 seconds before she did, she raised up from a slightly elevated hospital bed in her living room, my Dad sobbing at her bedside. Her eyes & mouth opened even more, and they remained like that for about five seconds, as if a bright light was shining in her face. Then she lay back down and passed away. I said out loud while this was happening. “look, she’s crossing over in the arms of Jesus.”…the most peaceful glow came over her and I knew she was safe. This too changed my whole outlook on leaving this life. I consider myself so blessed to have witnessed this. I love you Mom.💔

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    Only jesus can do that

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    Just watching his eyes. You know hes not lying, and he saw some $hit

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    Makes me feel better as my parents and one brother have passed.

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    I want to thank that man for sharing his story that took a lot of energy to open up the gates holding all those emotions back. Thank you

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    I was in a bad wreck on a motorcycle at 28..changed my life..I'm nit perfect but being in a coma and almost dying it xhanged me and now I'm a fan of God and jesus..I dnt feel well anymore..but im thankful for it all…I was not dead but one foot in and one out…I was in a realm with ancle deep water..it was my hell in a dungeon…once the pastor came incase I would die….never got over it it's powerful..changes you

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    dmt hallucinations. this is no proof of anything

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    It seems to me, if you can embrace the notion of an afterlife, passing should hold few fears, other than the unknown.

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    The night my mom passed she called and said that she was trying so hard to get up because she was being pulled up, but the doctors were all fighting to keep her down. She passed away an hour later.

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    every one sees what they imagine…but, you always see the same thing in terms of the aura/energy filled entities. it can be achieved through death, ego-death, or just psychedelic induced drugs. sometimes sober meditation, but that takes a whole helluva lot of work. one thing every relates to, is not wanting to come back…integration is the worst part. it took me 3 months to want to find the strength to not hate this physical reality knowing that the next/others are the best thing you'll ever feel. this is why people commit suicide once being in that space of true love. it's not religion…its not fantasy…it's the truth, and most of us aren't ever ready because we are complete fuckups whilst here, wasting out time…learn to be better, or you'll just be back to re-try…over n over.

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    Meaning of life…
    Give life meaning.

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    He lying. Very creatively but nonetheless he lying. Guaranteed he made his money off telling this story

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    It’s weird because the Bible says different.

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    Boy who died a d went hevan is most wacthed that has 42 million views

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    I died at the hospital in 2017 and sometimes i feel robbed bcz i didnt see anything, the only thing my family and friend's said i look so bright and they had never seen my eyes so clear … the er staff worked on me for only 2 minutes and then put me in an induced coma , and they told my family they would try and wake me up in 4 or 5 days but i woke up the next day

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    🎉🎉 I nearly died and encountered the outer darkness when I was about four years old so everything's not okay..people need to understand that they need to get saved and can't save themself before a holy God🎉🎉

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    Ford works in Missouri ways

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    I may sit and listen

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    8 years ago today, Satoru Iwata (former president of Nintendo) died and there was a rainbow over Nintendo HQ a few hours after his death was announced. December 6th 1959-July 11th 2015 🌈

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    For Anyone who is clinically dead for 20 minutes..Death is irreversible…This man did not Die…

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    I'm so afraid of the death and the way I'm going to die. Especially since last week. I had a panick attack so bad that I thought I was about dying. So my fear of death is taking my life over now. But today I confronting myself and this video did make me calm and I hope that the panick attacks will go away

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    thank you Scott

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    Thank you Scott for sharing this. I, my son and my mother have all had near death experience and we all know how wonderful it is. I am not scared of dying as I know my soul is eternal. I am totally at peace and ready for whatever my path in life leads to. ❤❤❤

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    Drummond is a highland scottish clan that easily explains his crazy feat of durability there.

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    God is amazing

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    Thanks for sharing your story

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    Love you brother

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    We lost my brother n law back in March. My husband is having a hard time with it. Ive lost many many loved ones in my life. This is so reassuring that everything will be ok. We will see our loved ones again. I cant wait for that day. Especially my grandmother that has been gone 25 years this December.

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    I would trust someone’s NDE after they came back after being dead for 20 days! ❤that is when you seen the afterlife frfr.

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    My significant other of 12 years passed away 2 weeks ago. He was in the hospital, but it was unexpected. I pray that he did not suffer,had a beautiful transition and is at peace. He called me sobbing 4 days prior and said he had a dream about his cousin who passed 7 months earlier. He said it was so vivid and the most beautiful dream he ever had. I kind of felt that death was near. Please be at peace. I’m okay. Fly high 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️

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    "I am," said Jesus. " And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven." – Mark 14:62. Those strong, muscular arms and hands (that might have been someone who farmed) sound like a carpenter.

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    I know he thinks the tourniquet caused his death, but it does not work that way. Even if it got as tight as it can, the only thing that would happen is that his arm would lose all circulation. That's it. It does cause death by causing the heart to stop pumping to the rest of his body.
    If she opened a valve, it lets air OUT, not in.
    Regardless, it was not the tourniquet.
    A nurse would NEVER EVER, leave a pt, who is "dying" no less, and run down a hall saying I killed him". EVER.

    I know he believes what he says. If the surgery continued, he did not die for even a second.
    The surgery becomes secondary. Saving his life is what takes precedent.
    So no, he was not having an out of body experience.
    Makes me wonder if any of these stories are real now.

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    Who was the guy in the cloud with the meaty arm?
    What would've happened if he had looked back?
    Could this have been a dream?
    Why did the doctor continue working on his thumb after he was dead?

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    They used to call him “the thing” like fantastic 4

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    This guy is a greaseball who is mk ultra

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    Life your life to the fullest. Be kind and share love. There is nothing after this.

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    2009. I was 26, giving birth to my third baby. Out of nowhere, her heart stopped beating. Then, mine started to do the same. They brought me to the surgery and did an emergency C-section.

    We both died. They revived us 3 times each. She’s 13 now and if you ask her, she felt the same thing than me!!!! « We were alone in a nice, quiet and warm place with a big light. Like sunny but a blurry one, not the one that blinds you. And you were holding me, and we were feeling complete. » it really was like this! It was like if we were one person with a global feeling for both of us.
    She even remember « the lady »that told us it was not our time (my grandma who passed when I was 19, so she never got to know her).

    It’s vivid as it happened yesterday in my memory too! That’s a weird tho warm feeling/souvenir.

    (Sorry if I’m not clear, English is not my first language)

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    😢a wonderful story

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