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Private Investigator Guesses Who’s Lying: Near-Death Experiences

Jul 2023 18

P.I.’s John and Elizabeth try to which near-death are true and which is a lie. Can you figure it out before they do?

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Julian Muller

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  1. #1

    i love these shows but ive seen too many for tonight hhh

  2. #2

    Wow, I blew that one! I was convinced it was the redheaded girl, forgot her name.

  3. #3

    The guy on the bike….
    A Traumatic brain injury can make ur memory off. Its on!!! More than others will let you believe!!
    I was ran over by a Ford F250.
    Was paralyzed on my left side for a while. In a crime for a month and they had to take a piece of brain out.
    If died 13 times before that!
    Im an epileptic now so I have to take antiseizure medicine.

    The guy just drove off by the way

  4. #4

    I love watching these . I would like to see an actual psychic used because I really don’t believe the woman they use in these videos is an actual psychic . She may think she is but from what I’ve seen she is not

  5. #5

    this just goes to show how deadly sharks are, im glad these three are alive. watch out for sharks guys

  6. #6

    i sorta knew it was cheska because the others had really great body language and she just didn't and at the end, with the joke, she didn't laugh so i was pretty sure it was her.

  7. #7

    I knew she was lying because she had her answers very quickly. The others had to think and recall actual events.

  8. #8

    the biggest tell ever was that the other two looked up and to their left which is where most of our memories are stored. They were trying to retrieve their memory so they can re-tell the story. 10/10

  9. #9

    They were not good detectives bro-

  10. #10

    Have you heard the good news?Jesus Christ is coming soon so you better get ready. He’s coming and he died for your sins to give you eternal life. Believe in Him with all your heart, repent and turn away from sins to be saved

  11. #11

    I initially suspected her but I felt like they didn't focus on her enough to get a good read. They also cut to a different angle at nearly all critical moments when we really need to see her body language, which is very frustrating. I felt forced to write her off because all I had was a lip compression, some slight eye blocking, asymmetrical hand gesturing and a general lack of illustrators. But the other dude was generally way more nervous and giving off crazy stressed signals. In order for me to feel more confident in my initial decision I'd need more information, i.e. fewer cutaways at key moments and more questions for her. It makes me wonder if they cut out her stress tells to give us a surprise ending..

  12. #12

    Despite what people may think it can be pretty obvious to tell a lie, the truth they probably will stutter and take moments to think and have weird descriptions, but a lier will seen to perfectly remember every single detail confidentially since they just made it up

  13. #13

    Apparently the fellow being a investigator in this video is a actor not a 'real' P.I..?

  14. #14

    I knew it i always guess right 😭🤣

  15. #15

    I commented on this video

  16. #16

    I saw another video where cheska said she was only in the Philippines at ages 1 and 2 so I had a guess that she was lying

  17. #17

    We are just in the first minute and John got it instantly lol (Time: 0:43)

  18. #18

    So proud, I totally called it!

  19. #19

    I had a car accident that caused memory loss like the guy in the middle. I can't remember anything that happened for the entire day. It's like I went to sleep the night before and then woke up in the hospital the next evening. The funny thing is everyone said I never even lost consciousness and was awake and taking the whole time. That was nearly twenty years ago and I still have no idea what happened that day.

  20. #20

    Cheska? More like CHESTka amirightboys???

  21. #21

    But John…. on your Instagram page it says that you’re an ‘actor/screenwriter’…so you’re not really a PI 😳

  22. #22

    Lmao from the start I thought Cheska was lying because that story is just so lame like somebody came up with it 10 minutes before shooting this

  23. #23

    Cheska's giveaway was when she said she hit a rock "I think, I don't know." That stunk of a lie. The stuff about the nanny and the driver seemingly made her bullet-proof, but I would guess that she actually had a nanny and a driver as a little girl, so she made it totally believable. The guy was almost gesturing at remembered things, which was very convincing.

  24. #24
  25. #25

    girl, if there are people working as live in nannies, then it's bougie to have nannies in the Philippines

  26. #26

    Who in their right mind would hire this botched ass, bimbo to find out information. Just look at how confident she was that she was right, and she was as wrong as she could be.

  27. #27

    Why does the female PI look like Jennifer Aniston??

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