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Paramedic Dies In Crash; Shown That Life Goes On Forever During Incredible NDE

Feb 2024 15

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Today’s NDE story of the afterlife is of Amanda, who grew up in Toronto, Canada, and now live in Tanzania, East Africa. I have spent time in over 25 countries. The exposure makes me appreciate and value diversity and allows me to work well with people from all walks of life. My 13 years of experience as a paramedic and eight years in Emergency Housing for Mental Health and Addictions has given me the ability to understand client’s needs and offer personalized service. Please check out her website here:

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“We’ve Been Here Many Times”


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    After hearing so many of these stories, I'm definitely not scared of death anymore that's for sure. Too many people have experienced things for it all to be nonsense.

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    Jesus Christ said I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes unto the Father except through Him.
    Buddha dead, Mohamed dead, Jesus lives ! Follow Him only.

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    Only through Jesus Christ can you experience that peace for eternity

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    This really makes me think. But I wonder if I will ever feel anything like this. I’ve never belonged anywhere. Even as a child I felt left behind and unloved. I hope this peace she speaks of is something I can feel one day

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    Don't go into the light, it is a trap!!

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    Thank you! I've been trying to explain my experience. I wept of joy after being loved by the universe. It was boundless. My life changed for the better. I can relate to all you shared. Thank you

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    DMT people…DMT!!! The god molicule.

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    Years after my nana died i was in a dark place and taking LOTS of MDMA anyway one night i had the most vivid lucid dream that my nana was in the room with me. She walked in from the kitchen pushing a hostess trolly and proceeded to pelt me with apples! It was bizarre she threw an apple at me and as it hit me i awoke!!!!!

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    Attention is the most valued thing on earth, give your attention to people , not material things that will never appreciate you.

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    This is awesome. I had a beautiful girlfriend throughout high school ,she was murdered, I felt sorry for her and the murderer, he ruined his life. My first wife died in front of me when I was 34, I have always thought they are the lucky ones.

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    We have been here in many lives because we have not learned our lessons and keep on making the same mistakes. If you learned your lesson, you go on to higher dimensions and not have to reincarnate to this three dimensional hell hole called Earth lives after lives.

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    I am not claiming this person is lying, but the vast majority of those who are declared dead and are resuscitated have no memory of the incident. FYI

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    We Hindus know all this. Soul is eternal. Body is like cloth. ' Laws of the Spirit World" will reveal everything. No fiction.

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    I have noticed that with another story but she describes that she was upside down in a car but then says that she relaxed into her seat, that seems odd as it is impossible to relax into a seat when the car is upside down

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    Despite her experience it sounds terrifying to not be able to see.

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    You are so full of crap. I’ll believe in the Bible and what Jesus told us about death, and what comes after. It’s a sleep, and “the dead know nothing.”

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    I had hoped everything would just go black and I would know nothing about it. I’ve had a great life but I don’t want to come back.

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    Wow..what a story

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    Sounds like every OBE Ive ever induced during the night. Interesting.

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