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Origin of the Amish and Anabaptists: America’s Strangest Religion

Apr 2023 12

Today let’s take a look at arguably one of America’s strangest religions, the bearded men of the Amish and Anabaptists faiths. We will be going over the origins of the Amish, Mennonites and other Anabaptists in the European continent and their journey from Siberia, to the American frontier and even to the depths of the Amazon rainforest. From Pennsylvania to Bolivia, the Anabaptists continue their unusual luddite form of Christianity that prohibits them from using many forms of modern technology and the ramifications for this cultural microcosm in the future of the US, Latin America and elsewhere.



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    How many languages go extinct per century?

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    The Amish are a great example of what happens when you don't deal with jewish bankers.

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    As a more liberal anabaptist I ca say for certain, we will replace you

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    Amish people are living in white sharia heaven.
    Bless their christian hearts

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    Why do you call the amish strangest religous group in america what makes the amish so strange for you ? Is it the fact that they want a simple and peacefull live ? What ist strange about that for you ? In belize and bolivia most people are happy about the presence of the mennonites, people there saying the mennonites are good workers and honest people the only ones who are complaining about them are mostly white people like you for some reason.

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    ….and the government interference was the train derailment in Ohio, and the chemical nuke that they purposely lit!! 🤬

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    The whole developed worlds fertility rate is way below replacement and when all countries get developed this will be a global problem so we need the Amish as a PEOPLE FARM

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    White countries matter

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    Very interesting! 👏😊✌️

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    If only "the big hat ppl" had as much power has "the little hat ppl…" But alas they do: Spiritual Power

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    I would like if you covered the Traveller groups of the Nordics (Finland, Sweden and Norway) and their differences. Especially Norway who at one point had 3 different groups who all had different ethnic backgrounds, identity and culture.

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    Smart ppl I need to meet them

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    Pure Arctic Ethnic group.

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    I see them as valuables stored in a genetic bank.

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    I think satanism is stranger

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    The last bastion of America

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    Bless the Amish and the Mennonites! The meek shall inherit the land.

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    Saxons = Isaac sons

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    Such lovely people. Why would they put a cap on their growth? Surely many of them will secretly cheat and integrate into wider society naturally. I don't see the problem as long as they don't force other people to conform.

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    They are good people, i hope they take over the world

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    I foresee a future where the Amish colonize a planet like in Futurama.

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    I grew up near many mennonites and hudderites. They are skilled and hard workers, they are different from us natives but we both have a mutual relationship where we often make up a great deal of their trade and employment.

    Though I having come from a plains native culture; the Blackfoot, I have a great respect, as well as some envy to the anabaptists way of life (besides the religious bits ofcourse) I will always regard them as fellow people who are always welcome on my homelands since my ancestors allowed them to settle after the hudderites asked nicely. I also have much respect for their language preservation and cultural preservation.

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    What’s up Broski 🦋

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    I love Amish and at least we should respect that if they drink and drive their horses know how to get home safely.

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    They don't believe in birth control….but go into the world and multiply…so there number are growing..they are nice people.

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    Like there simple life style. Less stressful..live off the land…interesting…some people admire their..pleasant ,pioneer life style….like there Christian..

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    They very sensible…and peaceful people

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    Germany is in a huge energy crisis. Perhaps this will end in 19th century lifestyle. Then the Amish could return to their mother country and teach us how to handle the every day life. I am fan of the 19th century, but they have more practice! The life in a community will then be necessary. Cordial greetings!

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    I don’t foresee the Amish fully integrating into modern society simply because there culture is one which values caution and patience further they aren’t just one group but rather multiple groups that accept varying degrees of technology. Some might integrate more than others but I don’t foresee full integration given their initial reasons for resisting technology to begin with. It might come as a shock to some people but the Amish don’t inherently view technology as sinful however they often view technology as a distraction that pulls community a part. One of the major reasons why they never drive cars is actually because many of them believe it would cause them to not get to know their next door neighbors and close family.

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    Yes we have Amish where I live .. They have a restraunt they are great cooks Amish are very nice people…

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    we can easily support 40 million of them

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    This is a big surprise for everyone to see that the Amish are progressing while the so called Modern societies are regressive.

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    Can anyone doubt that the left will eventually go after them?

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    Lends some credence to their lifestyle.

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    I learned a lot!! And this was FUN – However Switzerland provided many if not most Mennonites, and you left them out 🙏🏻

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    And I thought I was turning into a grumpy old man
    You've given me a refresher courses on that one

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    Do you have an issue with the Amish? It sure sounded like it at the end. Sounded a bit like how the rest of the world views the Romani/Romany/Roma people.

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    Pennsylvania Dutch is like Spanglish, but Germanglish; more or less.

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