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Only 7sticks of broom & 7seeds of Alligator pepper No Enemy can escape this#usa,#broom,#switzerland

Oct 2022 24

This video is a power packed spiritual tips and information on how to remove all kinds of obstacles on your way spiritually by using the spiritual energies, powers and properties of Alligator Pepper and Broom.
Broom is a powerful spiritual Instrument and am antidote to several witchcraft and evil activities and alligator Pepper is a spiritual activator which enhances the speedy manifestation of spiritual works.
7 brooms to be activated with 7 seeds of alligator Pepper daily for 7 days with prayers of cleansing with unblock your parts that has been blocked and blessings will begin to come in#How,#USA,#benefits,#Enemy,#emeka Williams,#black candle,#pamax tv,#Medi Luck, #7 sticks,#Seeds of Alligator Pepper,#spirituality,#remove negative energy, #gloria chizzy o,#Uses,#Williams

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    Should it be a new broom or and old . please

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    Thank you so much for this tip and again the blessing of rain nature is powerful really
    Be blessed abundantly for your time and above all the overwhelming help many people don't have this knowledge

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    Sir please are we going to burn the 49 sticks of broom and 49 seeds of alligator pepper on the last day of the ritual?

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    If I don't have alligator pepper?What else can be used?thanks!

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