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Oakland bus driver shares near-death experience

Jul 2023 23

An AC Transit bus driver hit over the head with a hammer talks about his trauma and the ongoing struggle with a passenger. That passenger then pulled the trigger of a pistol on the driver, but the gun did not go off.

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  1. #1

    If this person had attacked the mayor or any other politician, you can guarantee they wouldn't be released and allowed to keep repeating the attacks.

  2. #2

    well, what do you expect? he lives in the peoples socialist state of california, LoL! Karma baby!

  3. #3

    Coworker is a straight punk

  4. #4

    The other guy in the video did NOT do anything!

  5. #5

    This happens in other bus companies. Riding the bus, whether it be city or school, is a privilege and not a right.

  6. #6

    He should sue the Company. Sue the management personally for liability.

  7. #7

    And kids, what do we take from this? No one will help you

  8. #8

    That’s not a nde

  9. #9

    It sounds like the management of this bus line have no concern for the safety of their employees. I’m sure a several million dollar lawsuit or two filed against the transit authority and against specific managers there ought to nip this in the bud.

  10. #10

    Glad you’re ok
    I would have helped you!

  11. #11

    Co worker slowly and relaxed walked at a snails pace….to help

  12. #12

    She is proof positive why lobotomies are justified. 🧠

  13. #13

    Co worker just standing there….could of at least kicked her or something and Management, wtf?

  14. #14

    It's an absolute SHAME on the company and on the state of California that they allow crazy people loose to make life a misery for themselves and for others by their continuous criminal behaviors .

  15. #15

    She’s a felon, was caught with an illegally owned firearm. She needs to go to prison foe a lonnngg time.

  16. #16

    Glad he’s ok. He should sue the shit iut if his company!

  17. #17

    Restraining order. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  18. #18

    Yet again the system fails another black man. He was scared something was going to happen and went to them about it and still they told him to continue. Look at what happened to him. This fucking breaks my heart and infuriates me that black men (women as well) aren’t protected the way they should be. We all deserve to feel safe and protected.

  19. #19

    She’s crazy as cat pee, I would’ve worked her over on that sidewalk that would’ve been her last day walking

  20. #20

    This is not a NDE…NDE is associated with a death experience.

  21. #21

    A Lawsuit could change their attitude

  22. #22

    Yo, I would have unalived that lady. Self defense!!

  23. #23

    Typical company that claim they care but don’t take action until someone dies

  24. #24

    They owe him money 💰💰 and his co-worker…well he's disappointing 😔 what happened to humanity?

  25. #25

    Oh no what kind of people are being born these days nothing but, souls without regard for precious life. Especially people that just stand by and don't do anything to help the Attack persons. I hope, Peaceful people wake up to the evil world we are born into.

    And How Terrible 😮 how heartless 👎🏿Companies could careless for their employees who are attacked from violent unstable mentally ill souls who are full of rage and violence. It sounds to me, like the unstable person has brain disorders or may have a vile demons attach to her. And people just standing by watching the poor Employee being attacked and do nothing are pretty sorry souls for what ever reason they didn't try to help. I know not everyone can stop violence against another but, they can call 911 or the police 👮‍♂️ 👮‍♂️ department and hopefully they are not corrupt like many are thru this country.

    God Bless and protect the Attack Employee man 👨🏾 who didn't deserve to be attacked. .

  26. #26

    So dumb the person with the hammer is wearing a mask like they care about getting sick, but doesn't care about ruining their life and going to prison for murder! People make no sense to me. Majority of people make the world such a crappy place to be a part of and it doesn't have to be that way… 😞

  27. #27

    That co worker what a waste of life…he just stood there & fkn watched…i would have broke both there faces for being dicks.The bus company should be sacked to the useless pieces of shit.

  28. #28

    nahhhh… that bus driver must of done something to provoke the attack. for those who live in the Bay Area we know how SOME bus drivers can be on some bull shit too.

  29. #29

    Lawsuit state of the world

  30. #30

    Peace be with this man. I am so sorry for his terrible experience.

  31. #31

    Dude the police don’t do anything till someone dies it’s pathetic . An RO is also just a piece of paper for those who have zero fucks

  32. #32

    the operator should of been helping he just stood there smmfh

  33. #33

    My heart goes out to brother Nolan. Attacks on AC Transit bus operators isn't unusual, and AC Transit's Management is well aware of the dangers bus operators face daily. As a former Amalgamated Transir Union, Local 192 President, I can assure you that AC Transit dropped the ball if Nolan's cries for help were not taken seriously.
    Y. Williams

  34. #34

    The co-worker did't even try to intervene! WTF!

  35. #35

    Hopefully he heals from this traumatic event. I'm glad that the gun misfired and he's alve to tell the story. May God bless him.

  36. #36

    Screw that coworker for not helping

  37. #37

    Walking in Oakland is a near death experience, daily.

  38. #38

    Aww man, she just had a crush on ya

  39. #39

    Warn them , u bus drivers need to be kind you know the Community you’re driving in they are on a fine line , just cuz we got a good job and above and got out the neighborhood , it’s up to us to protect them , bet he said some slick shit lol , I’ve seen first hand with the AC transit drivers you can never inconvenienced them for two seconds without them flashing on you and as a passenger it’s unsettling, not defensing this crazy lady , just seen it coming lol

  40. #40

    ❓ did you 🥊 dem DRAWLZ . 👀

  41. #41

    They going to let her out and she going to do it again.

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