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Nocturnal Oasis Sound Bath | Spiritual Retreat | Desert Vibes | Crystal Singing Bowls | Drums

May 2023 15

Find an 8 hour, black screen version here

**About This Sound Bath**
🌾Amidst the tranquil beauty of a desert oasis, surrounded by rustling palms, lies a serene pool of shimmering water illuminated by the soft glow of lanterns.
🌾As the moon rises overhead, the sound of a gentle, rhythmic drumming begins to fill the air, accompanied by the soothing tones of singing bowls and sounds of the wild.
🌾You close your eyes and sink into a state of deep relaxation, the peaceful harmony of the nocturnal oasis sound bath washing over you like a gentle wave, cleansing your mind and renewing your spirit.✨

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Healing Vibrations products and experiences are in no way a replacement for traditional medicine. We seek to facilitate mental and physical healing through techniques that are designed to calm and relax the body and create a state of mindfulness and reflection. Through relaxation and mindfulness, the human body’s natural healing processes are strengthened and accelerated.


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  1. #1

    Such an amazing quality of video and sound ! Please more videos for calmness and tranquility and peace ❤

  2. #2

    This is fantastic! I can wait until its on Spotify too!

  3. #3

    I love your videos! I’m trying to find the info on Amazon to buy the bowl collection that you have here that you’re playing…but I don’t see it anywhere on Amazon. You have 4 here…which make and model? Size? Key?

  4. #4

    So soothing! I love the element of the drum in this one.. like a heartbeat

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  7. #7

    Amazing sounds ❤❤❤ love and blessings always

  8. #8

    I would love to hear more ambient sound effects like this in your videos. I have really bad tinnitus and have used your videos to fall asleep to for well over a year now. I found out a couple months ago that cricket chirps are a great tinnitus blocker. Combining those with a soundbath would be heaven for my ears.

  9. #9

    Wow amazing to hear. Which notes are these 4 sound bowls, may I ask? 🙂

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  11. #11

    Can you do a deep energy cord cutting please to release them thank you 🙏

  12. #12

    An Oasis is the safest place my mind can think of. Away from everything, separated by a void of harshness.

  13. #13

    The Taurus sound bath used to be my favorite but this might be my new one. Love what you guys do – Ty 💞🥰

  14. #14

    Hi, I wonder what is your name? My name is Quynh (pronouncing it like Queen). I encountered your channel recently early this month of April and it’s healing for me. Crystal singing bowls give out the only kind of vibration that can penetrate my nerves to make me relax. Bronze and copper singing bowls of the Buddhist style make me having more anxiety. I found some crystal singing bowl performers on YouTube, not many channels but yours stood out. Thank you ❤😊

  15. #15

    Truly beautiful. Namaste xx

  16. #16

    I’m so scared to close my eyes while listening to this bc I feel like a stupid ad is going to BLAST on when I least expect it 🫠

  17. #17

    One of my favorites… thank you 💗

  18. #18

    Wow, so relaxing🌿 Your singing bowls make me sleepy. 🥱🤍

  19. #19

    Ooooo this one is super good!!!

  20. #20

    MY FAVORITE! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  21. #21

    You must have suffered a lot,traumas, anxiety,frustration,the lost track about life, confusion,disappointment about whats going on in this world and the people. Confused about the way life treated you. then you tried to find yourself and learn how to heal yourself and love yourself and find the inner peace, trying to live a peaceful life.

  22. #22

    So exciting to see your videos every night!so soothing so relaxing. When i watch you’re playing the singing bowl, i feel i can focus for a bit.

  23. #23

    Thanks for sharing the calming soundscape-full support from yoga/meditation music channel friend in UK ❤️🎹🎹❤️

  24. #24

    wow this is amazing !! I bet you suffer with numb bum even with all these healing vibrations! dedication there my friend!! 🙂

  25. #25

    ok that was just amazing
    so so relaxing !!!!
    sent to brother !!!

  26. #26

    from far away on my small phone screen it looked like the guy was shirtless with tattoos s
    and. i was like wow they are really dealing with every details in this jungle like one …….. lol 🤣🙏ok with the shirt it’s perfect too – 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. #27

    I’m sober and catching a vibe like maggot brain🤯🫠

  28. #28

    🙂 Love all of these but this is my favorite one yet. The drums add something I didn't know I needed.

  29. #29

    Beautiful, Take a deep breath, release the stress, and let healing energy flow through you today💜🦋

  30. #30

    Travis, this magic 🪄goes deep. Thank you & the whole Vibrations team 🙏💙 Much Love

  31. #31

    I just finished meditating, and I could feel the gentle drums reverberating inside my soul as I chanted with my mala beads. So peaceful and light!
    Deepest gratitude to you, Travis! 🤗🤗

  32. #32

    That feels nice😊 I’m actually meditating while listening

  33. #33

    Great sound bath

  34. #34

    Thank you for sharing. Loving and soothing vibe manifest. 💙

  35. #35

    Awww. blissful sounds🤍🤍🤍

  36. #36

    Thank you very much for this Relaxing and Healing sound Bath!
    I can Literally feel the positive high vibrating crystal frequencies with my whole being!
    Which is and was very relaxing and refreshing <3
    Really love these high Quality Vibrations 😀

  37. #37

    Stunning, been waiting to listen to this all day definatley worth the wait.😊

  38. #38

    This is beautiful. I love the Sonoran desert nights & this just enchanted it!! 💕 🥣 🎶 🌙 🌵 xx

  39. #39

    Love love love

  40. #40

    So much imagination and creativity…. amazing! So grateful for this utube channel ❤🎉😊

  41. #41

    Thank you! I look to your channel (figuratively and metaphorically) to heighten flow states. You've been a constant companion on my dissertation journey !

  42. #42

    this is beautiful, thank you so much xxx

  43. #43

    You guys just keep surpassing yourselves. The set up and visuals are wonderful. The sounds sublime! Although the frequency is having a weird effect on some of my ceramics, non of them exploded yet so that's okay. They are adding a new resonance and sound experience. Never had this happen before. As always thank you both for bringing a little peace and harmony to our embattled world, what would I do without you. Jx

  44. #44

    Wish I could have been there for this one. Catching you live is a different level of energy

  45. #45

    Thanks Travis and co.

  46. #46

    Thank you goodness healing

  47. #47

    Beautiful as always, my friend. THANKS 💚

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  49. #49

    Where do get those coloured mallets? Namaste bro

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