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New Rule: The Great Disappointment | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Apr 2024 29

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In his final New Rule of 2020, Bill explores the striking similarities between Donald Trump and other infamous cult leaders.

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  1. #1

    I’d like to see someone rehash how the last three years have gone. 😂.

  2. #2

    Love u Willy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. #3

    I loved loved seeing Catherine Oxenberg on your show tonight I used to serve her young chicken sandwich in New York City in a restaurant called serendipity which I'm sure you know of..#serendipity3

  4. #4

    SDA's now feel that MAGA is coming for them, aka Christian Nationalism movement will enforce Sunday worship and outlaw the Seventh-day Sabbath, adversely affecting all Sabbathkeepers and threatening their very existence.

  5. #5

    So now there's this:

    The Hopeful | Official Movie Trailer | In Theaters April 17-18 Nationwide / Hope Studios

  6. #6

    So what are you gonna do when Trump gets re-elected ?

  7. #7

    Играть еблом на публику – это нормально

  8. #8

    U see cras evry were in my haws rat room but that my besnes

  9. #9

    Thay did chws that

  10. #10

    Prabeblt chang my blud by ellean

  11. #11

    OK Bill just ran across this well. I agree with everything most of the time you say but if you can’t see by now how much better it was with Trump well that’s just sad.

  12. #12

    I bet that's why this is YOUTUBE kidnapping with me the 61 year old Porn Doggie, who likes YouTube as "key to the Event" Love, Don xoxo

  13. #13

    Chocolately Bill Maher! Coconutty Bill Maher! Oh My God, I definitely was on the floor laughing my butt off! Love, Don xoxo

  14. #14

    To Bill Maher. Have a good evening. I thought I'd tell you. After the recent note that most likely (since my mature HR/Legal brain is returning) I was looking at $12 Quadrillion Dollars. (I had said $1 to 10 Quadrillion earlier today.) Why would you guys do this? This doesn't make sense?

  15. #15

    Bill you have pretty read writer and that is very important! Hope to god they are smarter than being liberals 😢

  16. #16

    Our faith will not be shaken. 1844 is truth, Daniel 7 – the judgement of the church started October 22, 1844.

  17. #17

    Bill gonna be "Ridin' with Biden" in 2024?

  18. #18

    It is three years later, they are even more stupid now! "THE MASTER RACE" 😉🤣

  19. #19

    Best show yet, Bill🎉.

  20. #20

    remember Bill, Trump,unlike Obama, neverprofessed a desire for a third term. he just strongly believed he was rigged out of an election as were the 1.4 million voters. dems are so worried about. quite Frankly Bill your not all that impressive funny, yeager Pescis funny ha ha type!

  21. #21

    bill you mean like when the climate change will Flood Florida,that prophesie

  22. #22

    its far more dangerous that these people are allowed to vote

  23. #23

    Your hatred for Donald Trump is understandable but your support for Biden and Clinton is delusional. The size of the crowds that attended Biden events is a dead giveaway that the election was rigged.

  24. #24

    Only a few weeks later these crybabies staged a fail coup and lost. Magats get ready cuz your about to lose again in 2024. I still don’t understand why y’all even vote now if you believe it’s all rigged and trump won

  25. #25

    As usuall Bill has made his point clear without your support Trump has no power of you and he is a cult leaders following in the path of all the other cult leaders before him

  26. #26

    They should put Trump in a cell next to "Vanguard" and give him the same sentence…😂

  27. #27

    I hear the reason why Jesus didn't return is because he was admitted to a hospital suffering from " dehydration" Typical rockstar…😂

  28. #28

    Isn't nexium some kinda prescription medicine for irritated bowels? 😂the purple healing pill

  29. #29

    Well, I’m glad you cleared that up Bill, because I remember you saying love America by not hating half the people in it. And I was thinking, well, that’s going to be kind of stretch for me. But, now I see the pendulum has swing a little back again and we can feel angry at half of the country, if we direct it at the cult. Makes a lot of sense when you think about it (seriously). Good, because inviting a Trump or a Jim Jordan to come sit at the table will never be right with me. Anyone who betrayed our country, and knew full well that’s what they were doing, cannot be trusted and should exiled far, far away from the United States. Never to be seen again.

  30. #30

    "trump has Lindsey Graham" LMAO

  31. #31

    “Vanguard” was at least somewhat handsome and charismatic. That’s the biggest thing I’ll never understand about T***p. He was never attractive, charming, or interesting. He looks and sounds like a useless, sloppy idiot, and yet he has millions of devoted followers!

  32. #32

    @8:39 Does anyone remember what side of his chest HARRY POTTER's uncle touched?

  33. #33

    Lindsey Graham ? Southern Inbreding !!!

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