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Near-Death Experiences: Can We Trust Them? | LED

Jun 2023 09

*Near-Death Experiences: Can We Trust Them?* | Videos about near-death experiences are circulating the internet. With so many testimonies, how can we be sure of what to believe and what does the Bible have to say about it?

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    What happens when you die according to SCRIPTURE: https://youtu.be/Gwm9j3BYpe4

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    This is exactly what happened to someone I used to know: She coded while in hospital for cancer, and left her body for roughly 2 mins according to the nurses who revived her. During those 2 mins, she claimed that she 'visited heaven' complete with warm feelings of peace, and unconditional love, & Floating through clouds. After she had returned to her body, she immediately accepted Christ as her savior. She was not guided to Christ by a believer who could explain to her the details of what living a sanctified life that is surrendered to Christ is like. It was an entirely emotional experience for her. As we got to know each other, it was clear that She was not a believer at all. She had a friend of 25+yrs from H.S. who was a deacon at a confessional Lutheran church who invited her to his church, and encouraged her to fellowship with the church body. She was quickly turned off by the experience from their style of worship and the reaction she received to her testimony, she also complained that the church leadership was nothing but 'an old boys club' who refused to allow any woman to teach from the pulpit on sundays no matter how knowledgeable she may be. Needless to say, She found a trendy mega church in her area that offered her the emotional experience that she was craving through high production value worship music(everything short of fog machines: rock band, professional level sound engineering, visuals, & lighting), complete with a young(barely 30y/o) couple both acting as senior/lead pastors full of anecdotes & charisma when they 'taught' but never truly expositing from scripture itself. Shortly after making that mega church her home church, she began listening to false teachers john hagee & derek prince. And ascribing to many dangerous heresies: Faith healing, name it & claim it(positive confession), word of faith, dominionism(7mountain mandate), Seeking signs & wonders(including numerology), modern day prophets & prophecy, works based salvation, and decreeing & declaring. But her lifestyle was nowhere near sanctified. She openly rejected close fellowship with other believers, and avoided close accountability at all costs. She saw no problems with being a 'solo christian', either. Whenever I tried to gently share scripture, Biblical truths, or even trustworthy teachers(John MacArthur, Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, Justin Peters, Mike Winger, Chris Roseborough(Fighting for the faith on YT),Howard Hendricks, J.I. Packer, R.C. Sproul, Charles Lawson, Charles Spurgeon} with her, she refused to listen. Simply claiming that belief in the sacrifice & resurrection of Christ alone was enough for salvation. Yet her life was full of maniulation, anxiety, regret, greed, materialism, worry, self loathing, self doubt, strife, anger, paranoia, violent words, thoughts & fantasies, with a complete lack of empathy for others. It was clear that she loved the world: music(A perfect circle, jane's addiction, primus, PROF), movies(including documentaries of serial killers, cold cases, and true crime), smoking cigarettes & weed, selling portions of her vicodin prescription to street dealers, promiscuity, and low level criminality. After 4mos of much prayer, and speaking with my Pastors, it was clear that she had no interest in changing, or living for God. Clearly viewing repentence as a license to continue on in her lawlessness, not as godly sorrow for grieving God with her sin. I can safely say that she never had the holy Spirit in the first place. So I disappeared from her life knowing that she did not respect me anymore since she had no qualms about trying to overrun my boundries which were based in scripture & growing up in a church with solid Biblical teaching, and surrounded by genuine believers whose final authority was The Bible. I have no regrets walking away from someone who did not respect my values. I continue to pray for her genuine repentence, I refuse to speak to such a delusional & deceived person like her ever again for the sake of my own spiritual and emotional protection. Unfortunately, She will find out for herself how wrong she truly was since she is 3yrs into a battle with an aggressive metastatic form of lung cancer(stage 4 at diagnosis), and stopped immunotherapy shortly before I entered her life. And since her diagnosis, she has refused to quit smoking, and refused chemotherapy. It's truly a heartbreaking situation that she has openly rejected accountability, and Biblical truth.

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    Yeah these near-death experiences they are like the Bible says no one has ascended into heaven except for the son of man all the rest of mankind just the Lord Paul was taken into the third heaven he was the only exception so all these near-death experiences on I see on YouTube none of them are real Satan's deceiving people the devil knows that scripture that no one has ascended into heaven except for the son of God I've always been skeptical of ndes

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    Yeah all these people on YouTube going into heaven going into hell he can't trust them that they are true the only one of the Bible that has another body experience was Paul he was taken out of the body into the third heaven and Enoch but I don't remember all kinds of stories in the Bible about all kinds of people having near-death experiences the Lord or an angel taking him into hell taken them into heaven they're just not in the Bible much I think a lot of these are made up anyone can make a video on YouTube and say anything they want I just don't believe every Christian Little Sally Little Tommy Aunt Lucy Uncle John etc etc is having these experiences highly skeptical Plus the Bible doesn't talk about a lot of them except for Paul and Enoch

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    This is SO interesting!!! I’ve never known much about NDEs but certainly believe the dead are asleep until the resurrection of Christ!

    Also great to see all the comments on here of ppl who have died and felt nothing but darkness and peace. There’s a reason the tombstones had previously been labeled RIP (rest in peace)

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    No we can't trust these near death stories.
    The Bible, Early church and the reformation fathers ALL agree our souls good or evil sleep till judgement. Quit believing necromancy/ Egyptian theology

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    No.1, how are U dead for 90 MINUTES,,,,???? I Believe the brain dies, IRREPARABLY !!!!! AFTER,,,10,,,(???) MINUTES, 2. IF U MET JESUS,,,,WHY AREN'T U HEALING THE SICK, RAISING THE DEAD ??? SPREADING THE GOSPEL,,,,???? FEEDING THE MUTIUDE'S ???? FULL OF IT !!!!

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    Says in the bible where asleep until the resurrection

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    Does this mean we shouldn't take any form of medication

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    I’ve heard some that don’t go along with the Bible. I don’t believe them. Same with YouTube prophets, they are all false prophets.

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    Thank you for this yes this is a lie of satan to deceive them and others.

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    Yeah I see that they were on drugs while having the experience. I get that but what about people like John Paul Jackson who had experience heaven and even time travel. There's a lot out there about people who went to heaven and didn't die even some who experienced hell. The book the divine revelation of hell is a good example. I'm not coming against led I love what you guys do but I think it's more to it.

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    All these people are devils

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    They had a series on Netflix show called the unexplained, they had weird show called the UA about NDE. It has been a lot things about these topics.

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    I would like to see you people have a conversation with someone like John Burke or Randy Kay. This video is too easy… there are lots of people who have experiences like this without drugs or medication, who are Christians or who are led to Christ through the experience. And very often lives are altered after the experience. I believe for every real thing (whether it's a vision or NDE or whatever you may call it) the devil has a counterfeit.

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    I don't agree with your doctrine on what happens after we die, but I do agree that these accounts of near death experiences are not what they appear to be.

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    These near death experiences I believe is the devils way of making human beings believe that they can go to heaven without accepting Jesus an repenting of their sins.

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    Your body naturally produce DMT when you go into cardiac arrest…. Hmmmm…

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    Ooh that spooky man spooky 💖

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    How do you explain VERIFIABLE near-death experiences like the ones Gary Habermas talks about? These have been proven to be true.

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    Good job. I agree.

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    DMT is produced in our brain and it is thought that when we are near death our brain is flooded with it which is why NDE’s and DMT trips are similar.

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    Do some research on Asclepius symbol and it’s origins. This is symbol of Egyptian god Thot who is Ninrod who was possessed by Satan himself.

    During those NDEs many victims are accompanied by entities, some of them have animalistic shapes yet look like humans. The Bible call them demons.

    Yes , NDE and OOBE experiences are deception.

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    Got us what commands is to be sober-minded using drugs and metting God is not sober minded and it's not Adonai your meeting

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    And they say us christians are crazy…

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    I recommend 'parable of the vineyard 's ' video on pharmakeia. Its not as shallow as pharmacy= pharmakeia= sorcery. The sorcery The Most High was referring to was not, I dont believe, prescribed medicine. Remember, sorcerers won't enter the kingdom-i dont think Yahuah was talking about people popping an advil to relieve a headache. Sorcerers are likened to those who do magic, drink blood, and literally make their children 'pass thru the fire'.

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    This was too short. Please elaborate a little more on this topic in a future video if possible.

    The pharmaceutical hypothesis ( in my opinion ) was extremely revealing and I’ll hold on to that information. However, this video is inequitable being that it deliberately discredits the testimonies of another small group of Christians who sincerely was led to live a life of repentance, in complete surrender to the lordship of Jesus, due to their NDE. I am particularly referring to the majority whose NDE were genuinely not influenced by pharmaceutical drugs. Why should their testimony, by any means, be less convincing than someone whose salvation was accompanied by any straightforward supernatural occurrence(s)?

    I understand the potential danger in taking heed to everything we hear 👂 since many testimonies are conflicting with the Truth of the Gospel which can lead many astray. Even so, why should our hyper-vigilance, let alone science, invalidate the competency of Jesus raising the dead? Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead. Sure, scripture does not record what happened to Lazarus in the spirit realm during his “ sleep “, but does this lack of information absolutely have to insinuate that all Christian’s OBE / NDE were either made up or demonically influenced?

    When did the Father decide to prohibit and / or restrict his Resurrected Son from revealing spiritual mysteries to those who were born of His Spirit? Is Jesus deprived of strength and power to perform the unthinkable, here and now, just because some experiences are implausible to a man’s sensible ( superficial ) understanding of scripture?

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    Two the law & the testimony if they speak not according to this word there is no light in them

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    Love this video. You presented it very well. But about the scripture saying no man has entered heaven, what about Elijah and the martyrs in revelation that are waiting for justice?

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    I am watching this again. It reminds me of "The Magician's Nephew" by C.S. Lewis. In the book, the uncle used magic to get to Narnia(like Heaven).

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    But we also need to realise there are muslims who had the near death experience and the One Who they saw was Jesus telling them to abandon islam.

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    I remember my uncle fell into a coma and when he did he told me he was taken to a dark place and he heard screaming and crying and a big giant hand pointed and told him to go back and he did my uncle has passed and i can't help but wonder what was it that he experienced because that's all he remembered

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    Do this one in Spanish pleeeeeease! I have family that could really benefit from this. 🙂

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    Little Light
    Do you think that the deathbed visions of elderly people close to death have of their relatives,are genuine or demonic?

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    I'm thankful I don't dream when I've had surgery in the past I always pray for help and guidance and that it remain dreamless as there are certain tests I must be sedated for.

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    Why are they all always floating 😂😂😂this is drug 😂😂😂😂these people are big jokes a stupid way to get fame ontop an idiotic claim that is not real, our generation is lost listening to these people 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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    I used to believe these kind of stories especially stories like Colton Burpo, but God exposed the lies to me to which I'm so grateful. Thank you Jesus the most faithful saviour.

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    I had my share of my near death experiences and it's what helped me to find God. He saved my life and why my faith is better than yours.

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    Hmmm, how do you explain the experience Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4? Or John’s experience in Revelation 4? Or the many examples in the book of Ezekiel where he describes that the spirit took him up and carried him to different places? Yes I believe that there are counterfeits like the kind you describe in this video, but I can guarantee you Paul, John, and Ezekiel weren’t using drugs or astral projecting. Maybe don’t throw out the baby with the bath water? Your videos are usually so well researched and thoroughly prepared that I just wanted to point those other scriptures out for a different perspective. Blessings to you in Jesus name! This ministry is so powerful and you’re doing an incredible job in these last days!!

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    I had an NDE when I was 7 years old and it was so short that all that this experience gave me is knowing there is much more that we thought. And here is the catch. I tried many different Spiritual practices, DMT, meditation etc. The most difficult thing for me was to accept the Christ. I didn’t know him all my life and teachings are so different than what I used to believe. It was complete change of all my beliefs. And it wasn’t easy. And more I read and listen some of Christian Nde’s more I became convinced there are only sincere and logical to me. The book Hell’s dominion from Melvin Bryan openly writes about this false images demons do to makes us believe we are in Heaven at the beginning when we enter into other reality. I believe this people, cuz you can sense they are not lying just to watch them (another is Daleblack pilot).

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    In John 1:18 saids that No ONE has seen God, and if back then no one has seen God, then why are all these ppl in the 20 century said they seem God, the word of the Bible never changes, it's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In the book of revelation it saids that when he comes back then everyone will see him, but only when he comes back to take his church. And they will see him also in the time of judging. But not when ppl come near death experience, these ppl just want to make money on YouTube with all these post. But those who know the truth won't listen to them bec we know that it's not true, bec it's in the KJB written. And in Exodus 33:20 it saids, " you cannot see my face, for no one can see me and live".

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    Soul sleep is a lie. Seven day adventism is a false religion, all 7 day Adventists will burn in hell for unbelief. Their belief is in Ellen g white and in their good deeds.

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    You're so misguided sadly. That's a big assumption that everyone's pumped full of pharmaceuticals. I wish you actually researched and explained DMT naturally occurs in the brain before we die or in traumatic near death experiences. I wish to explored why God allowed that DMT molecule to be released. Also wasnt there a certain apostle who was whisked up to the 3rd heaven? I believe st Paul. And st John was shown visions of end times and the new Jerusalem i.e. true heaven so biblically you're so inaccurate and it's upsetting because I usually like this show. Now people using DMT in a way God didn't ordane is evil but God put this in us for a reason. If you open yourself up to deception the devil can deceive you but people who have died and come back who didn't take any drugs and were not given drugs that alter your mind have also died for example by suicide. Sadly these people returned thinking delusions that God would accept them. I wish that was explored because I have often wondered why God doesn't chose then to get people back on the path with Him if they were granted by our sovereign lord a new chance at life, yet given a message from a demon. Much more exploration of the topic is needed on your part and research as opposed to hunches and assumptions. I would also like to see explored the theological implications.

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    Love you guys, keep this up

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    Well I did not take any drugs or practice any type of ritual but then what happened to me when I flat lined 4 times I was laying and sitting at the same time but I'm a full on 7 the day Adventist I believe and know that the Sabbath is the day of the Lord because it's God's law and I know it wasn't death that happens to me but what to me as a 16 years old

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    My Dad died and God showed him something. After that he started to stay even stronger with the bible. God showed him that there were two gods. God the eternal living God but there is the god of this world, Satan. He also showed him how the world looked outside. So when someone says he had a near death experience and God has talk to them. Either it were deamons or God

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    Her self? Wow how do I say that when u know that he is make God the father God the son and God the holy spirit

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    2 Corinthians 12 tells about being caught up to the third heaven and seen things that he couldn’t put into words so I don’t believe that ndes are something new many prophets were caught up in the spirit to heaven and seen the son of man ndes are like anything else you have to have discernment

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    Astral projection triggered by sleep paralysis made me also experience this, so I definitely know it's a lie. It's false love, it's deciet, and nobody can go to heaven yet! Their theology is wrong.

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