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Near Death Experience, with Ray Catania

Feb 2024 05

Sometimes as a podcast host, it’s time to keep quiet, sit back and allow your guest to talk without interruption.
In this episode of the Neil Wilkins Podcast, author of Awakenings, Ray Catania, describes his life, experience and how mindfulness, listening and flowing with energies has enabled profound experiences.
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    Neil, what a great interview style you have, thanks! Perfect. Wow Ray Thanks!

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    Angels seem to protect him from bad why is it that when I put my faith in angels or beings from the other side they always lead me into bad situations?

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    Thanks, Neil, for having Ray on your show. Thank you Ray for sharing your story, it is very touching and inspiring. What a profound journey to get to who you really are. I can see how you were helped all along the way to develop into where you are today, a multi-faceted radiant diamond, with more facets yet to be revealed.

    So many of us have had the journey of growing up in dysfunctional families which impacted the trajectory of our lives in what appeared to be struggle, failures, and loss. But what is really on the other side of that, after we hit rock bottom, and we face our fears head on (one, being led to believe as a child that we are unlovable) can be profound, as indicated by your story.

    These NDE stories are very much needed in this world of so much unresolved trauma which is projected outward by people who have so much self-hatred but fear facing the inner pain so distract themselves with drugs; alcohol; gaming; workaholism; trolling the internet to spew negativity & hatred; virtue-signaling using fake victim-cult narratives, denial of self, hence unending forms of body mutilations; abject perversions and corruption, etc.

    In hindsight, trauma is a gift that develops one into having self love, opening themselves up to their real purpose by awakening and helping others, if they allow it. It takes courage and time though. Thankfully, there is no time and there is no death, so we can take as long as we need to awaken to who we really are: Divine Love.

    Thanks again Neil and Ray for taking the time to share. 🙏💖🤗

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    This was so amazing what a wonderfull experience so well explained thank you so much . ❤

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    You both really look like brothers.🎉

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    So many negative commenters on here. What kind of podcast does Neil usually have? Catania is extremely interesting and truthful. Glad for this, energy is real.

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    Ray is cashing in to make money out of desperate people

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    Thank you thank you thank you

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    I wonder when people say they were visited by some bad entities , that they become like paralyzed where they can't move. that they have been spreading gas on them

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    @6:40. Ohh Lordy Lord this is me …

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    Atheist …..heist to steal our souls ….

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    Atheist. The word contains the word heist so you get the idea….

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    Good he changed. A life plenty of stupid things and bad desitions need to chance. How a guy so superficial and hard head can change that way?😅

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    So, he's had a wonderful experience, and he's written two books about it. But what does the listener get (apart from one hour of ear bashing)?

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    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be on your show. #Honored #grateful

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