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Jun 2023 24

On Monday afternoon, an immaculate 2006 KTM 200 XC-W popped up on Craigslist just 15 minutes from my house and I simply couldn’t resist. The bike has just over 1500 miles on it / 111 hours. I paid $2000 for the bike and it has been meticulously maintained by the previous owner for the last 14 years. I had a 2002 KTM 200 EXC back in high school before I really knew how to ride a dirt bike well. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to hop back on one of these and ride it the way it deserves to be ridden. The 200 is an incredibly appealing engine to me, with the nimble feeling of a 125 yet power and torque characteristics of a larger displacement bike. Tuesday evening I was itching to ride it, so I took it out to Pipestone where I had an absolute blast ripping this thing, and narrowly survived an encounter with a side by side at wide open throttle.


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0:00 I Bought a KTM 200
8:16 Near Death Experience


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  1. #1

    Sick content man ! You were fkn sending it buddy ! That single track is sick af !

  2. #2

    Wild! Glad you were okay Brotha😮

  3. #3

    What three sizes do you keep on that t handle ? 8,10,12?

  4. #4

    2k??? Dude I can't find anything less than 3500 haha

  5. #5

    Not safe and disregard for others safety .

  6. #6

    I need to show this to my kid. Try to explain that trucks and side by sides win EVERY time. Still flys around blind corners

  7. #7

    Get brotha f yeah. I love those ones where you almost get it or fall that adrenaline is insane! ❤

  8. #8

    Glad you made it out unscathed 😮

  9. #9

    How does this video not have a million views is beyond me!

  10. #10

    Rock & roll dude! Awesome

  11. #11

    One minute you’re on the road looking at the scenery and next you’re in the scenery looking at the road😂

  12. #12

    Im commenting as I am watching at this point. 💀 that close call with the can am was insane! Glad you made it out ok!

  13. #13

    Dude! What a clean 200! You killed it on that thing and now ive got the bug to look for one! Stoked for you 🍻

  14. #14

    Trails looked fun, bike is cool, Near miss was a gift from god, I give this video 4 stars.

  15. #15

    Cheating death is always fun.

  16. #16

    Who else went to their area Craigslist after watching this video? haha. 
    What a steel of a deal! wow that is clean. Damn, would love to have that in my stable. Watch out for those stupid razors, those things are death grabbers, wish they would all be outlawed personally. Two stroke for the win – always better than the four stroke…

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    The 2000-2007 KTM 200s have a slightly smaller frame which helps that nimble feel. Also, the power valve is super adjustable from mild to wild, look up the Grant Langston power valve setting on the net, it should still be out there.

  18. #18

    Great video, what gearing are you running ? Thanks in advance

  19. #19

    Holy shit glad you’re safe, also I give you mad props, if that were me I would of been heading straight back to the rig in 1st.

  20. #20

    Nice find, Kincade! I have nightmares of head-ons out there and they don't turn out as good as yours!!

  21. #21

    holy shit emptied that jar of luck bud

  22. #22

    200cc 2 stroke is like the perfect play bike, I love my old kdx

  23. #23

    Shiiiiiit my butthole puckered a bit seeing that buggy coming

  24. #24

    My friend has one. It’s fantastic in the forest here in PA.

  25. #25

    Damn that was close, glad you're okay!

  26. #26

    Hell yeah go the 200 absolutely ktm should not have stopped making them. Ain’t ever selling my 200…

  27. #27

    Glad your good

  28. #28

    200’s do rip. I wish KTM still made one.

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