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Near Death Experience: What Is Really Happening?

Jun 2023 17
Near Death Experience: What Is Really Happening?

New study shows the complex electrochemistry of the dying 

All the participants in the study I am going to tell you about this week died. And three of them died twice. But their deaths provide us a fascinating window into the complex electrochemistry of the dying . What we might be looking at, indeed, is the physiologic correlate of the near-.

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    So… Basically this entire video just says, "Your brain does something, but… Not sure what." — Thanks bud, thanks. Mind explaining to me, the phenomena of impossible information obtained through OBE (out of body experiences.) or even NDEs? For example, a lot of people have seen people in NDEs, that had died, and they had zero clue as to them dying to begin with. This also happens with people who claim to see loved ones while on their death bed, visit them. And also, people who have OBEs see things, that are completely independent of what is at that time, currently happening to them physically, and should be unaware of it, as they're fully unconscious. For example, they see people in other rooms of the hospital, or see people doing bizarre things that aren't normal. (Example, flapping their arms around.) They also might see (Items/people in other rooms, stains on shirts, or overhear conversations people have had in other rooms that they should have no ability to hear even while conscious.) Can hidden brain activity explain these things?

    You seem to be so smug, and confident in knowing nothing, in my opinion Sir. You might be smarter than me, but even someone as stupid as I, can see you're ignorant to what is going on in this world behind closed doors (so to speak).

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    I just think someone who has not had an nde is not qualified to talk on this subject.

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    As much as this is terrifying, that's probably what's happening. And then light goes off. But what we all can agree on – sooner or later we all gonna find out.

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    Explain veridical ndes then mr expert on death???

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    Look into verifiable NDE’s.
    Also, if you think the brain 🧠 is responsible for the “other side” experience then I’d refer you to Dr. Eben Alexander (neurosurgeon).

    love to all!

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    It will be interesting to apply the technology of AI reading the brain during death. As in this video of Mackenzie Mathis at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and her colleagues examined brain activity data from around 50 mice while they watched a 30-second movie clip nine times. The researchers then trained an AI to link this data to the 600-frame clip, in which a man runs to a car and opens its trunk. https://youtu.be/aMf6Xj9AHXQ

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    I have one name. DOCTOR Mary Neil.

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    Flood of dimethyltryptamine from pineal gland?

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    when evidence leads to something against materialism, materialists will always find a way to bend evidence to fit their worldview.

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    Proves nothing. How do you explain the guy who was dead and put into a body bag for 30 minutes while watching everything that happened to his body during the trip to the hospital? Like that’s story there are thousands of others who saw things verified after their return.

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    Isn’t this like one motherboard monitoring the electrical output of another motherboard and it’s circuits and deducing that it produces the illusion of a human operating it. Or better yet, the human does not exist. And the motherboard is just a random pile of firing electronic circuit boards? If you WERE the motherboard, how could you possibly figure out a way to even realize that the outside world really exists ?

    Or is it like measuring the heat output of a car engine and the rumblings of the engine and assuming that the car is the driver. That there can be no other “driver”.

    I’m not religious but I do think of it that way, and do believe in the larger consciousness.

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    Scientists HATE this topic. They want their materialism at ALL costs! It's religion to them.

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    "No less sublime than the breath of God"

    A typically primitive M.D..

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    Brain is our prison

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    Frequently, the stories of reincarnation are omitted.
    Memories from a life now irrevocably gone.
    Little to explain disembodied consciousness in the sense of being completely deceased.

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    A doctor or scientist is the last person I would believe to explain the afterlife.

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    Ooookkkay, so explain Eben Alexanders case. ZERO brain activity.. pretty sure he is more credible than you

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    HARD disagree.

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    We are spiritual beings having a human experience. The other place (heaven / the spirit world / the after life) is real. I have seen it, and it is more real than this world.

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    This man has a big ego. No judgment torwards him.

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    A "correlate" is not a cause. Materialists are always reaching.

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    That's funny bc people that have had NDE's where people have been dead and brain dead for 45 minutes have even come back and told the doctors exactly where they were standing and what they were doing bc they floated above their bodies. There is life after death. The devil is trying to get to Christians through people like this.

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    This doesn’t explain NDE’s; it just explains brain activity before the individual passes.

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    I would like to ask the person in this video if he’s personally experienced an NDE or an OBE? If not, then how can you truly understand the process?There’s a neurosurgeon who speaks about his NDE and basically explains that the knowledge he obtained as a neurosurgeon combined with his 14 plus years of professional studies doesn’t even come close to the knowledge and conscious abilities he obtained during his NDE. I’m sorry to say that you can spend your entire human life trying to scientifically explain what existing is outside of this earthly body and you will never come close. Even those who have NDEs aren’t able to bring all the knowledge they obtained back with them because our brains were not meant to carry that much knowledge.
    The brain is only a filter for the consciousness, the soul, the spirit. Meaning our bodies were programmed by a higher being , the source, OURSELVES (because we are source energy) to experience a lower level of consciousness while here on earth.

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    This doesn't explain my NDE. I was on a ventilator, in an induced coma, perfectly ventilated with normal arterial blood gases and stable vital signs.

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    No. Wrong. All junk science. These quacks KNOW nothing.

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    A spike in brain activity is not evidence of consciousness, and brain activity itself is not consciousness, no one knows what consciousness is.

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    He doesn’t even know what consciousness is

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