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Near-Death Experience put Her Face-to-Face with God

Jan 2024 26

(). Once a trained athlete in peak condition, Joanne Moody suffered a post-pregnancy injury that sidelined her for the next 14 years. Not one to give up easily, Joanne fought to find an answer to her pain year after year. Countless doctors attempted to treat her until finally one recommended a surgeon in France. Joanne and her sisters make the trek only to stare death in the face. At the moment of her greatest pain, God reached down and gave her a promise. Joanne shares her journey through a valley of pain and her eventual arrival at the pinnacle of and love.

Joanne Moody is an ordained minister through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and Certified as a Master Equipper through the Healing Certification Program of Global Awakening. She is a Life Coach through Western Seminary’s Coaching Program and has a passion to see people walking in their true identity as sons and daughters of God. She leads healing teams, teaches, speaks, trains and equips leaders and laypeople nationally and internationally in all types of ministry venues through her ministry, Agape Freedom Fighters. Joanne resides is Rocklin, CA and is happily married to Mike. She loves being mum to son, Kian.

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    I wish I had A NDE I would not come back.I’ll stay with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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    So explain this then…every pastor I've ever talked to has told me that we cannot be in God's presence. We are stained with sin and God is unable to be in the presence of sin. If you are alive, even in near death, we still have sin on us. So if God cannot be in the presence of sin, how can you be in his presence?

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    I believe in the power of prayer 🙏. . It’s golden . God is good today , tomorrow and forever . I love you❤

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    “It was like a blanket of love” 🥹🥰 This is the most accurate way I’ve ever heard someone explain this!
    I almost died when I had my second son, he was 7 weeks early and I had an emergency C-section. I had been in the hospital 3 days because of preeclampsia and water on my brain and I told my mom I am going to die if they don’t get this baby out soon. The nurses dismissed it but my mom went and told the doctor and she told him, I know my daughter. She is serious. He came and asked me what was going on. I said I don’t know, all I know is if you don’t get my baby out soon I’m going to die. He looked at me and said, okay. It looks like you are going to have a baby today! Let’s go get prepped for surgery!

    After they got my son out and got me all closed up I developed HELLP syndrome and my liver and kidneys started to shut down. My body was dying. I could feel it, I saw it on the nurses faces, the doctor had to prepare my mom for the fact that I might not make it…I was so scared and was trying so hard to fight it and then I just couldn’t anymore. I gave up I surrendered and gave god control. That’s when this blanket of love she described here hit me. It filled the room. I wasn’t in the room or anywhere and this blanket of love was so warm, bright, happy, beautiful, comforting, tranquil, and incredible in every way possible. It was all around me but I was also part of it! 🥹 It communicated with me without saying anything really. It just was. There was no time and there was no pain, so suffering, no bad feelings at all. In this instance I could have the worse thing imaginable happen in front of me and it wouldn’t have made me feel any different. That is how powerful this is. These feeling and things we worry about don’t matter at all. That’s why god says do not fear so many times. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Anyways, I had some stuff happen but I never died and I didn’t go anywhere really. But then I looked at my mom after and said, “don’t worry, I’m okay with dying now 😊”
    Right after everything suddenly just got better and all my levels started going back up again. I think I came back for my mom. I think that when I told her that I saw her heart crumble 💔 and I could feel her sadness. I don’t know why but I just realized this. She is why I stayed and she is one of the best things in my life to this day. She helps me so much and has always given me and my siblings more love than most kids ever receive in their lives! Sadly we have always been her life, her happiness, and her source of love, and I think god knew just how important she would be for my children, my brother, and the rest of us and how much she was going to need my help eventually too!
    I suffer from mental health issues and I have two children with epilepsy that she helps me with a lot. My brother has epilepsy and him and my mother live together. I drive them to run errands, get groceries, appointments and help them with stuff too. See when all this happened non of us had these issues or problems like we do now, but maybe this was my purpose. Sorry I just kinda had an Epiphany 😅

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    As soon as she started waffling about god I’m out 😒

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    91 hour non-progressive labour is absolutely dangerous😱 It’s terrifying that she was left to endure this.

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    Phanuel is the name given to the fourth angel who stands before God in the Book of Enoch (ca. 300 BC), after the angels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. Other spellings of Phanuel (Hebrew: פְּנוּאֵל or פְּנִיאֵל Pənūʾēl/Pənīʾēl, Tiberian: Pănūʾēl/Pănīʾēl)[2] include Panuel, Paniel, Peniel, Penuel, Fanuel and Feniel.[3] As Panuel his name means "God has turned",[4][5] but as Paniel his name means "God is my face".[6]

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    These creatures are liars. They want to control everything and they try to lie about everything. 🔥

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    Why is it when people claim to see Jesus they never say what he looks like?

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    Wow! I believe SHE believes her own horse-puckey/ it's called a "Profound Subjective Experience," PSE…

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    In hospital after open heart surgery, waiting for a regular heartbeat, I said 'Jesus, if I did die, would you be there for me?' Instantly he was there, and he was so lovely, and so wonderful, and so loving, that for quite a long time after I was too heavenly minded to be any earthly good 🙂 Christians have only good things to look forward to.

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    She has such a wonderful presence about her, she seems so peaceful. Glad God has done amazing things in her life and healed her x

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    Pray for my healing of pain

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    Jesus didn't start the Catholic church and Peter was not the first pope. Peter nowhere claims supremacy over the other apostles. Nowhere in his writings (1 and 2 Peter) did the Apostle Peter claim any special role, authority, or power over the church. Nowhere in Scripture does Peter, or any other apostle, state that their apostolic authority would be passed on to successors. Yes, the Apostle Peter had a leadership role among the disciples. Yes, Peter played a crucial role in the early spread of the gospel (Acts chapters 1-10). Yes, Jesus spoke about the “rock” that He would build and hell would not prevail against it but Jesus meant the bride of Christ, Christians, not a building especially not the Catholic church (Matthew 16:18). these truths about Peter and what Jesus says in no way give support to the concept that Peter was the first pope, or that he was the “supreme leader” over the apostles, or that his authority would be passed on to the bishops of Rome nor does it prove that Jesus founded the Catholic church. Peter himself points us all to the true Shepherd and Overseer of the church, the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:25) and Jesus in the end marries His bride His children and they'll be together in Heaven forever ( Revelation 19-22). ( Some of this is from Gotquestions.org).


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    she is indeed true thats why devotional morning is very important to us believers because we need to plan our whole day with God we need to talk to him before the day start ask direction read his words meditate on it day and night and it will help your tremendously in knowing his will his promise and it will remind you to stay away on fleshy desire

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    What a fantastic experience. Though I heard you attentively before; it felt like the first time. Thank you. Love it, so refreshing listening to you both. Thank you for contributing to make the Truth alive.
    Gid bless🙏❤️

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    What Happen when a Person Die?

    In order to get the correct answer, let us consult
    the infallible word of God. And the safest way to start is to ask the question:

    Q. 1) How did God create or form man?
    A. Genesis 2:7; And God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

    Note: In forming man, God used two substances namely:
    1. Dust of the ground
    2. Breath of life

    Note: Now that we know how God formed man, we can safely answer the above question by reversing the process in which God formed man.
    To illustrate:
    At Creation: Dust of the ground plus breath of life = man or a living soul
    At Death: Living Soul minus breath = Dust

    Q. 2) What happen to these two substances when a person die?
    A. 1.) Ecclesiastes 12:7; Then the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit (or breath of life, Genesis 2:7) return to God who gave it.
    A. 2) Job 27:3; All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils.
    A. 3) Genesis 3:19; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thy bread, till thou return to the ground, for out of it was thou taken, for dust thou art, and unto dust shall thou return.

    Note: The three texts above clearly explained what happen to the two substances that God used in forming man at the time of death. At the same time, they also clearly answer the question. What happen when a person dies? The body return to dust of the ground where it was taken, (Genesis 3:19,)and the spirit or breath of life return to God who gave it. ( Ecclesiastes 12:7)

    The belief that when a person dies, there is a soul (immortal) that leave the body, and depending on how the person lived when alive, will determine where the soul will spend eternity, either in hell, to be punished and tortured for all eternity, in purgatory, with the hope of being brought to heaven or direct to heaven as the case maybe. This belief is contradictory to Ezekiel 18:20; The soul that sinneth, it shall die.
    The truth is, this belief is based on the Greek Philosophy called “Dualism” (pls check dualism in the internet) which teaches that the body and the mind are two separate entity, In that the body is physical while the mind is spiritual and immortal. Here lies this very dangerous belief. Why? Because if the soul is immortal, of course it is not subject to death. That is why, when a sinner die, based on this belief, the soul will go to hell to be tortured and burned forever and ever without end. What kind of punishment is this? Endless. Don’t make sense. It is because the soul is not subject to death, immortal. This is unbiblical.
    To dispel this erroneous belief, simple questions need to be asked.
    1. Would our gracious, loving, merciful and longsuffering God, allow eternal torture and eternal life to co-exist? Of course not, for this will contradict His nature, which is God is love.
    2. What kind of sin does anyone do, to deserve this kind of endless torture?
    There is no such kind of sin, for the Bible says; that the wages of sin is death, not endless torture. (Romans 6:23). According to Galatians 6:7; Whatsoever a man soweth, that he also reap.
    The truth is, God did not create anything or anyone immortal. For had he done this, then sin would be immortalized. The Bible said, that God alone is immortal. 1 Timothy 6:15,16. The reason is obvious, God knows the end from the beginning, Isaiah 46:9,10. Thus, he knew that Adam and Eve would commit sin, Genesis 3:6. and Romans 5:12; For by one man sin enter the world, and death by sin, in the death passed to all men, for all have sinned. The wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23)

    Q. When will the person that died and who return to the dust, be made alive again?

    A. 1. John 5:28,29; Marvel not at this, for the hour is coming in the which, all that are in the graves shall hear his voice. And shall come forth, they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.
    2. Daniel 12:2; And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

    Note: The two texts, clearly explained that the dead sleep in the dust and will come to life, when the voice of the Lord is heard at His second coming.

    Q. What event does the Bible say, would take place, when the dead which came forth from the graves/dust, and who have done good?

    A. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17; For the Lord himself, shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

    Note: The event described in the above text, is referring to the second coming of Christ. (John 14:1-3.)

    Q. How about those that have done evil, when will they come to life?

    A. Revelation 20:5; But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished.

    Note: In conclusion, with this text, the resurrection of all that died and in their graves, (John 5:28,29) from Adam and Eve at the beginning, up to the last person who will die just before Christ second coming, is hereby completed. The reward of them that hath done good, is described in 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17, and in Revelation 20:6; Blessed and holy is he who hath part in the first resurrection, for the second death hath no power. In contrast, the punishment of them that hath done evil is described in Revelation 22:8, and is called the second death.

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    For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.” Jesus Christ, John 3:16-17Thank you Jesus Christ 🙏

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    You Christians decide if Jesus is more important than God. You seem to forget that Jesus is just a messenger of God. Jesus doesn't have the power to heal anymore, it is only God!

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    I learn to be a beer not a doer I love that God bless this lady for sharing her story I am so inspired by this and I hear a lot of my story and pain has been my greatest teacher too and I hear the voice of the Lord through all of my pain

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