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NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE! | Offseason Softball League | Game 12

Jun 2023 16

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For those who always ask, these softball games are PRIVATE because of far too many people showing up when they were public. If you send me a DIRECT MESSAGE to my INSTAGRAM @BOBBYCROSBY and give me your e-mail address and tell me why you want to play, there’s a chance you’ll be invited! It’s basically an essay contest.

To really get to know all the players, don’t just watch this series, but watch the On-Season too! Here’s the link to that:


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    That dude threw a dime fr

  3. #3

    Coop dies in 2 years

  4. #4

    Andy said that would send him to the gulag

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    @el_limo_bc this is my favorite video for the giveaway

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    U should always where a helmet

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    Watching this now coop we all love uou copp

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    feel so bad for potato

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    This is were I play football

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    I might have to join you guys one day. I live in la puente

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    Potato gets made into mashed potatoes 🥔🤣😭

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    Bobby always makes things way more dramatic then they really are, no offense bobby

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    It’s about drive it’s about power we stay hungry we devour put in the work put in the hours and take whats ours black samoin in my veins my culture banger was strange I change the game so what’s my mf name

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    POV your watching in 2019 R.I.P coop

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    He got made into mashed potatoes

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    In the time babe has grown and has changed so much omg

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    Gabe uncle slam and little cursh are so much smaller

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    Ik potato almost died but what about when it hit Jeff in the face/shoulder

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    I like your video

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    He turned to mashed potatoes

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    It's so cool looking back at the old videos and seeing how much the kids have grown. Glad alot of the original core still get together to play

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    Gabe is so small

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    Omg I literally love Andy! He is soooo funny! I love all of them but you know Andy hahahahaha

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    Art is not good

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    Lil Kersh and Gabe have grown so much since this video

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    Patio gets mashed patios

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    Russian Andy is so funny

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