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Near Death Experience Leads To Agnostic Encountering Jesus || Randy Kay

Jun 2023 12

For years, spent his as a successful, business executive. But following a , he encountered the love of in a powerful way:

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    Look at the two liars. The pastor and his semen.

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    I wish you would have posted his whole story.

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    I live by faith not by sight, I have strong faith that there is Jesus & a Heaven, but I have never seen it, but I still believe 100% in Christ & the Bible!

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    …. and who do u see if u are a Muslim ?

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    These videos have given me more of a testimony of Jesus Christ than 60+ yrs of going to church. I no longer fear death. I am confident my loved ones that have passed will be with Jesus to meet me when I go. It truly is life changing.

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    Thank you Mr. Randy for your story. God bless you

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    His story is amazing but that TV evangelist who keeps talking under his own breath is utterly annoying. Just let the man speak

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    Thank You Jesus for Paying for All my Sins Thank You Jesus for Shedding Every Last Drop of Your Perfect Redeeming Innocent Blood For The Forgiveness Full Remission of All my Sins Thank You Jesus for Dying in my place on The Cross ✝️ ❤To Pay for All my Sins as The Perfect Sacrifice because You have No Sin Thank You For Being Buried Thank You Jesus for Coming Back ALIVE 3 Days After Your Death because You Are The Son of God and God At The Same Time!!! I LOVE You Heavenly Father ABBA I LOVE You Jesus I LOVE You Holy Spirit Not 3 Different Gods But The The 1 The Only True Living GOD Most High Revealed to us in 3 Ways ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    I love hearing about meeting Jesus. I am in rough times & looked for a testimony about this. I've seen proof He is real in my own life, by stunning, miraculous answers to prayer through daily Bible devotion words, with very specific Words, matching very specific prayers. It has happened so much, for 20 years, that I am convinced it is real, true answers to prayer. And I earned a degree in science in college too.

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    Light of the world, shine on me, LOVE is the answer 💜🕊

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    Out of interest, what is 1.26 Millions to 1 in %? Does he mean 1/1.26 or 1/1260000. I believe in Jesus and God either may however interested in the math.

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    I'm amazed at how many here have realized the con going on. Very glad to be fair.

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    I don't believe it. They are selling books.

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    Amazing testimony by Randy Kay.

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    I had blind faith my whole life. I got confirmation on 3/27. My spirit is awake and free. Hallelujah to agape love. God lives independent of belief. Self-deception hides the truth in plain site.

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    Amen 🙏🏿

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    Even though I know blessed are those who haven’t seen and still believe I would love an encounter with Jesus for just a few seconds it would change my whole life and even if I don’t it is well with my soul

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    So he didn't believe in Jesus and meets Jesus …How lucky . Good people have died and didn't even heard the name of Jesus. Do others meet Budda ,Krishna or the devil??

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    This is really sad and not kind.

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    This is sad.

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    Jesus states that a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh and let no man separate

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    Dear Randy, where is your wife and children?

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    This man's testimony is different in 3 different videos I have watched of him. In this video he said he looks at Jesus and into His eyes. In another video he says that he never looked at the face of Jesus but just knew it was Him. According to the Bible, people don't go to Heaven or Hell until after the Day Of Judgement. In one video he says he and his wife were having coffee and she said "well, at least we have our health". In another video he said that he said "at least I have my health."

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    Repent. Satan wants to deceive as many as possible. Read Matthew 5-7.

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    I need Jesus Christ’s healing.

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    Mans said he saw Jesus but never gave a description of his appearance

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    I think his testimony it’s totally believable. What an amazing story. I’m not sure why the host said his story was unbelievable. I absolutely believe his story.
    I know what he meant by saying that but it’s annoying when someone says unbelievable.

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    Real real connverzace

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    This is so wonderful 💖 and gives hope to everyone that death is not the end.

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    In another interview Randy makes the claim he saw his grandmother in heaven and he had led her to the Lord years earlier….BUT…. he also claims at the time of the NDE he was an agnostic…so the title of this video says as well. So which is it? If someone knows how to resolve this seeming contradiction please respond. Otherwise I'll have to throw out his entire testimony and I don't really want to do that.

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    Septicemia will kill you in a heartbeat. This is a God thing.

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    Why try to make money

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    The interviewer constantly whispering weird things while this guy is trying to tell his story is both annoying and weirdly comical, all at the same time. Then the way he keeps forcing these jolly chuckles when Randy describes being a skeptical agnostic, and mentions fake Christians, is also annoying. Too fake, and forced. It would have been nice if he'd just been quiet and let the guy tell his story.

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    No story to tell……no books to sell.

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    Whispering is distracting

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    I don't get it. Why do some people come back from death and see nothing?

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    What a fraud this silly story is, it's got the same value as if this " Agnostic "had encounter Zeus ; so he had disprove all religions except Christianity ? for which there is the same evidence as for any Greek Mythology, his childidh story happened only in his head. This is Dark Age mentality.

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    He’s a fraud

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    “And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.”

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    Who keeps whispering in this video.?

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    NDE's involving a form of god typically follow whichever religion the experiencer was brought up in as a child, or followed at the time.

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    you fucken bull shiet try to make money on JesusNo living man can see Him idiot

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    Bullshit Alert when he said he was "drowning his sorrows in lattes."

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    No one CAN come to me unless the Father who sent Me DRAWS them… and the PUNCHLINE from the Master… and I WILL raise them up at the last day. There will be NO Fatherly drawing that leads to anything else but coming to Jesus AND being raised up on the Last Day. Without Jesus' punchline, this WOULD be about "the ability" of humans to come to Jesus granted by the Father, but SOME granted the "ABILITY" to come still WOULDN'T come, but Jesus puts the nail in THAT coffin BY His PUNCHLINE — I WILL raise them up at the last day. I want a body language panel of experts to start looking seriously at these NDE testimonials.

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    I love these testimonies. However, the impression Randy gives is that (explicitly said or not) only "Christians" will go to heaven. And while it is certainly true that Jesus in the only way to the Father, it is also true that salvation of ALL THINGS is in Jesus. Many, many total atheists, and people of other religions, antagonistic to Jesus, have been to heaven in NDEs, and were unconditionally accepted, whether or not they encountered Jesus. The scriptures even tell us that Jesus is the savior of the WORLD. The apostle Paul said that Jesus is the savior of ALL MEN, ESPECIALLY those who believe. 1 Tim 4:10. Jesus Christ has embraced all humanity in his wonderful work of redemption, and those who come to know and trust him immediately begin "being saved", whenever that occurs, whether in this life or the next.

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    I love this, but I am confused why he got to meet Jesus in his unbelief.

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    Jesus is my loord and the duke lol

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    I wish people knew how validating it really is knowing that ALL of these NDE's (with medical evidence of heart stopping) ALL say similar things… example "we didn't speak like we do on earth, we communicated through the mind", "love isn't an emotion its a PHYSICAL thing you can see touch, smell etc" EVERY single person with backed up medical proof says these SAME THINGS validating that it is indeed true!! its a real place that humans (our spirits) go to after this temporary life is over! It is not some chemicals in the brain after death going off somehow. It is real! I please encourage everyone to watch every single other NDE experience (professional not these 3rd party you tubers that might be lying that can't provide medical proof of their heart stopping) and you will see that no matter what religion atheist, Buddhist, muslim, christian, mormon, etc THEY ALL had the same view on either hell or meeting Jesus/heaven! That its also not some boring place with boring robes, boring white buildings in the clouds! It is a place that IS LIKE earth! rolling mountains, hills, townships, music, flowers, rivers, forests, city, trees! but the only difference being it has a beauty that these people that have seen it can't even describe saying they never wanted to leave this place and that there's colors that don't even exist on earth!

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