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Near-Death Experience in Porsche GT2 RS MR

Jun 2023 02

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    IRemember Gran turismo4😂

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    Every years someone dies at the dark forest, but this day was not your day

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    yep… classic close ahave
    this corner seems like nothing most od the time if you "prepare" the chassis for it, but… sometimes…
    "you're heavy" hahaha

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    Mischas butt clench sucked the car back down to the road and saved them

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    best track on GT7

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    Brown pants 😂😂

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    that is like 5 inches off line and he knew it over 30 feet before rofl … that is some serious exp

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    The best part for me as a non-racing driver was the universal "near-death experience laugh" As a beginning driver I almost got hit by a truck in the middle of a junction. That was the exact laugh of me and my cousin.

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    Can some one tell me where is the near death? I dont see it

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    Driver shows to what size his dongle has shrinked to.

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    Looks like the car went weightless at the point of turn in. In that situation, the driver also becomes a passenger for a split second. Very scary at that part of the track.

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    😂😂😂😂 That's why you simply should not do any codriving… 😂😂😂😂 Silly question: why are you not driving, is it getting a feel for what the car owners style is or do I miss something here? My daughter would do it for the thrill…. She always yells : cmon, faster, I love the feeling when the car goes light and starts to creep at the limit… 😂😂

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    close ! he can take this corner flatout in good conditions. but the extra weight of the passenger surprised him a bit. the understeer is real :o)

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    What exactly is the problem, every turn you have to max out and go to the edge.

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    Does that cresting right hand kink have a name? The corner just before it is Mutkurve and just after it is Steilstrecke. I've heard people call it Klostertal, but the sign for Klostertal is well before Mutkurve. It's so tricky, and if you so much as touch the curb on the inside, you're in big trouble on the exit..

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    Se le subieron los huevos al cielo

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    It was this moment he knew he f ed up

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    Я знаю как проехать на этом автомобиле круг быстрее.

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    “It was at this moment he knew… his nuts were inside of him”

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    Near death my ass….clickbait

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    Great driver

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    Later year volvo v70 drive moment tire kaput 😅😅😅

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