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Near Death Experience I Tormented and dragged into Hell by Demons – rescued by angel | Ep. 2

Jun 2023 29

, an avowed atheist, was awaiting emergency surgery when he realized that he was at ’s door. Storm found himself out of his own body, looking down on the hospital room scene below. Next, rather than going “toward the light,” he found himself being torturously dragged to excruciating realms of darkness and , where he was physically assaulted by monstrous beings of evil. His description of his pure terror and torture is unnerving in its utter originality and convincing detail. Finally, drawn away from and transported to the realm of , Storm met angelic beings as well as the God of Creation. In this fascinating account, Storm tells of his “life review,” his conversation with God, even answers to age-old questions. The storm was sent back to his body with new knowledge of the purpose of life here on earth.
is sharing his own complete journey from Hell to in today’s video.
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    As the early chrches were authenticly helpful yo the poor and needy, our churches have lost the original spirit. That's why many peope leave church, not necessarily Jesus Christ.

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    I would love to talk to Howard in person and give him a hug, I'm so glad he shares his story ❤ It sure has helped me by listening to him. I really like him and you can feel how he conveys love.

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    Howard is one of first hell testimony i ever heard……

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    I have questions… great that Jesus came to save him.. but I am seriously am wondering.. if you are dead and do not have Christ in your life than HOW can you be saved AFTER you die? that is not what the Bible says. Do not assume that you can call for Jesus when you are dead. Billions in Hell / Hades are surely calling for Jesus but there is something called the Great Divide which keeps those from reaching Heaven and those in Heaven from reaching those in Hell. I have heard Demons put on full theatre of beautiful fields and family after death just because the person is not really dead. So yeah, questions. How can this be fair to those who died and are in Hell? Is God not Just but Justice? Not sure I can believe this one.

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    This is so amazing, WOW!!!! God bless you for sharing your incredible experience with us, Howard, so life changing.

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    I don’t understand the soul mates. Were they his friends who died before him? They had to be demons.?

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    Tis why these people come back to let people know Hell is real and NO joke

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    I wonder if you think that the rejection of the truth by many is that it interferes with their choice of lifestyle that isn’t in line with god ‘s

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    I agree with Howard Storm when he said " The Church is our only Hope", except the church is not our only hope " The Holy Spirit" God is our hope.

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    I loved Howard's journey.

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    I have heard Howard storms story from the very beginning when he was on Dr. Rawlings movie documentary about to Hell and back and I have love to listen to his testimony over and over every time he goes an interview he is so moved and you know after all these years that his testimony is solid. He gives me courage to keep going. God bless you Howard!

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    Hi Randy, just wondering your thoughts on purgatory? Did god ever reveal it or talk about it? I'm a Catholic and was brought up to believe in purgatory but there are very few videos on people going there in ND experiences and I've often wondered 🤔

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    I just clicked on this video to comment that the thumbnail looks like Mr. Clean, im sorry.

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    This man remains a heretic, if you read his book he says that there are many ways to God, still to this day.

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    I was thinking it was strange how, once this guy left his body and the severe pain of his condition was gone, and he felt amazing etc, that when he met these 'friends' and they started doing unspeakable things to him and it 'really hurt', (l imagine it might be rape as he doesnt explain, and when people dont explain you're left to draw your own conclusions), how did he feel that pain when he no longer felt the pain from the perforated duodenum or whatever it was?

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    I really enjoyed watching Howard's testimony. Thank you for sharing.

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    I struggle with homosexuality and shame. Please 🙏 pray for my deliverance and Salvation. God Bless ❤️

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    the title is a bit misleading..i think he insisted that those were in fact not demons that dragged him into hell, but fellow humans..

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    Jesus loves us so much. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. What grace. What love. What an awesome God!!

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    Howard, I love seeing you so recent, I love your NDE and I tell it all the time, thank you so much for all you do.

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    Howard Storm was the first of many of NDE's that I read on the net many eons ago, only after my own experience. I feared death for many years and used to argue with my Mum that the bible was not true cause it was written by man. Mum was a devout catholic woman and believed in Jesus. I am so glad that my eyes were open to NDE's cause it turned my world upside down, and that Mum was right. I met a woman at a family retreat who had a pregnancy that did not go well, before she said anything else I said, you were outside your body, She couldn't believe she found someone that actually believed her, her husband and friends thought she was crazy. She told me that she was trying to frantically get back inside her physical body because all she could think of was who was going to look after her kids and her husband. when she did finally get back in, she told me it was like a glove, the spiritual body went back in like putting a glove on your hand.
    There are earlier videos on Howard Storm, and there are many others. I'm so glad that it is out there cause if you think it's all over when you die, it's not.

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    Jesus is the only hope for this world. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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    This has finally answered a question of mine, one I've had for a very long time. Narcissistic personality disorder has been determined to b a behavior that is literally impossible to treat. Psychologists and psychiatrist agree, based on many years of study, that there is no treatment for these people. PLainly and simply they do not change…EVER! Extremely unpleasant, toxic, selfish indivuals who pick and choose their personal relationships based on "What's in it for them". A profound selfishness and lack of empathy reign supreme making it impossible for these folks to become caring and compassionate parents, spouses, neighbors etc. So what's my point?
    Would the NDE have the power to change the narcissist? It seems the answer is YES! and that to me is a miracle. Here is a living example ^. Think about it. 🙂

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    I was visited by Jesus once 40 yrs ago and God twice, the last time being 10 yrs ago and it is absolutely unforgettable…

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    His book espouses all religions as “vehicles” to reaching God. So this is NOT a Christian testimony.

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    I absolutely know that Jesus knows me. Without a shadow of a doubt.

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    Love Love Love ❤️.Go Howard Go!!!

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