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Near DEATH Experience Caught on Tape / LUCKIEST People in the World Compilation #2

Jan 2024 06

NEW VIDEO!: “Car Crash Part 5”
World of presents a Experience Caught on Tape / in the World 2018 #2. This includes videos of having superior luck and avoiding by a matter of an inch. This compilation includes car crashes, poor decision making, train accidents, very bad luck and more.

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    Will you guys PLEEZ bleep out the taking of the Lord's name in vane already, shame on you. Set an example like other video sites do 👎👎👎 thumbs down just for that alone.

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    the last seems he talking in tounges but then watch more and its actually russian

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    1:48 wow he is so so lucky but me when me and my parents live in a apartment because our house is still fixing and i run into the apartment and i almost got ran overd by a car and i was so lucky that i dint die, even when where in a trycicle theres a hospital van hit the trycicle and were in the trycle and the trycicle shaked and i was holding on the trycicle and i let go because its to slipprey and i got a bobo and luckly i survived and a car was under me and i was so lucky to be alive wow

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    2:41 Dic Hudson's crash scene

  5. #5

    4:48 when the autistic kid tries to rap

  6. #6

    4:19 they throwed a invisible green shell

  7. #7

    so where's the shark…?

  8. #8

    Yo guys you didnt notice the first one ok noone notice the first one

  9. #9

    Why is this fun to watch tho

  10. #10

    They lucky driving metal car ..

  11. #11

    Last time there a needle stuck in mah shoe but tha shoe is thick
    So im ok

  12. #12

    2:01 was he/she trying to kill herself or something?

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    3:42 if he dident check his shoe ow he

  14. #14

    4:194:22 instant karma lol

  15. #15

    3:43 how drama be showing up when you are just minding your business

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    you fuckd up the old school car

  17. #17
  18. #18

    Does anyone know the name of the music at 0:06 it cool

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    Hash brown # lucky to be alive

  20. #20

    You can’t even walk on the pathway and not get killed 🙄

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    The last one admitted as fake.

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    WTF kind of accent is that last one?

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